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The best rice noodles in the world come from Vietnam. That’s a fact. These are the only noodles we put in our product, which we proudly pack here, in California. So rest assured, our rice noodles didn’t start life in some dodgy processing plant, but were grown in the idyllic paddy fields of Vietnam.

Quality Ingredients

We use the finest freeze-dried ingredients, to lock in the goodness. We blend these with vibrant spices to create an amazing, authentic tasting noodle.

Freeze What?
It’s called freeze-dried and here’s why it’s so great…

It works by freezing the food and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water to change from a solid to a gas.

The food is sealed to prevent the reabsorption of moisture. It can then be stored at room temperature without refrigeration.

It causes much less damage to the food product than other dehydration methods.

In planning for long-duration Space missions, NASA uses freeze-dried food to nourish the crew.

When rehydrated, flavours, smells and texture remain unchanged and most importantly, freeze-dried proteins lock in the goodness! Pretty cool, huh?

Saturated fats? Real low!

These fats can be bad for your health when you have too many. Luckily our noodles don’t contain much at all, in fact we average just 1.5g per serving. That’s pretty low!!


We keep our calorie count low, so whichever flavour you go for, you'll not be packing on the pounds. Our noodles range from 200-260 calories per serving.

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Low in sodium

We are one of lowest in sodium levels in our category too. Our flavours average around 970mg per cup, which is almost 6 times lower than some nasty instant noodles out there!

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Certified low in sugar

All our noodles are independently certified by SugarWise as low in sugar. We are easily the lowest amongst our competitors. Our Tai Chicken, for example, has just 1.6g per cup. The RDA for sugar for an adult is 6g.