Woman eating Mr Lee's instant noodles

Why you need to spend more than $1 on instant noodles

This week at Mr Lee's, we looked at our competitors and the differences between our products. Our food offerings are central to everything we do, and reviewing the market reminds us of why we decided to create a gourmet noodle.

When we set out to create Mr Lee's, we realized that you couldn't make a high-quality healthy noodle for the same price as other instant noodles on the market. If noodles are on your shopping list, you may believe that buying a <$1 instant cup of noodles is more economical than selecting the cup of noodles on the shelf that costs twice as much.

The infographic below compares the number and quality of ingredients in <$1 noodles to a gourmet noodle, demonstrating that price should not be the only consideration in your purchasing decisions.

I'm sure you're surprised at how little food goes into a <$1 instant noodle and just how much you get when you pay a little more. Mr Lee's mission has always been to provide consumers with healthier food options

You get what you pay for and spending an extra $3-$4 on noodles gets you a gourmet meal with quality ingredients. By spending a bit more you get a meal that contains 100% real freeze-dried meat and vegetables, that is free of artificial additives, low in sugar and saturated fats, and is part of a healthy diet.

A premium price means premium taste! Authentic Vietnamese rice noodles are carefully packed and topped with the finest vegetables and meats that have been freeze-dried to lock in flavor and nutrients. Packet sashes of flavorings are frequently substituted for whole ingredients in <$1 noodle cup options. We took a photo with our phone to show how few ingredients are in the average instant noodle cup versus gourmet noodles.

We all love the taste of good quality food, which is why buying gourmet noodles should be amongst your priorities. Not only does it mean you are investing in a quality product, but it also comes with benefits for your overall health.

While paying a few extra dollars for instant noodles may seem expensive, this healthy lunchtime meal comes in at a similar price to the average single-serve frozen dinner.

So, the next time you go grocery shopping, think carefully about what you're going to buy because the gourmet product may be worth it. You can buy Mr. Lee’s great tasting, affordable and healthy instant noodles from Whole Foods Market or Harris Teeter, or online from Amazon or our online store.

Mr Lees Team