Mr Lee's team members with their pets

Take Your Dog To Work Day: Meet the pets at Mr Lee’s

Life isn't just about work. No matter how much we all love noodles, a work-life balance is so important in the Mr Lee's family and we recognise that being healthy isn’t only about fuelling your body with good food, it’s also about staying active and mindful of our mental health, especially after the past year! And who could be more important to helping us all achieve that than our four-legged friends?  

The human-animal bond is extremely beneficial, pets have proven to help reduce stress and anxiety with pet owners being less likely to suffer from loneliness and depression. Our late founder and CEO Damien loved pets and recognised the benefits they provide not only in the private sphere of our lives but also at the workplace. The pet friendly culture in our UK headquarters, which allows employees to bring their dogs to the workplace, not only boosts the mood in the office but also promotes a work-life balance and encourages physical activity, with team members heading out for walks during their lunchtime breaks.

The Mr Lee’s Team has quite a few fellow animal lovers who are really proud to show off their furry little friends in this blog post. 



This is Nella, which translated from Dutch means light. Her owner has not seen her for the last seven months as she went to stay with his son in North Wales last summer, and the lockdown has meant she hasn't managed to come home yet. If restrictions lift Martin will hopefully see her again in April. Martin is really looking forward to having her back and taking her for long walks and knowing she will be there beside him the minute he starts cooking!


Meet Connie! An absolute gem, diamond in the rough, a tiny hoover of food morsels. She’s an all-round good doggo. With a preference for sleeping on the legs of Mr Lee’s staff, she goes about her days from lap to kitchen (in the hopes of catching a fallen crumb) to lap again to rest after the excursion. Connie can crack even the coldest heart with her puppy dog eyes, and is subsequently on a diet after convincing the entire team to give her treats. What a girl.


Rosie, is a 2-year-old Cocker spaniel, and thinks she’s one of the kids. She always gets involved in the games they play. She loves chasing birds and squirrels, running through undergrowth and then eating sand at the beach but definitely hates being on a lead while we get there.


Ciapol is an English Springer Spaniel who despite of the breed's usual trait, is very laid back and chilled. He is a partially trained gundog who won his first award when he was only 6 months old making his parents very proud. Ciapol is also trained in Search and Rescue and playing hide and seek is his favourite game. His minute of fame was when a popular dog toy designer put his photo on the box of a newly launched toy. Ciapol is also one of the longest serving members of Mr Lee's and particularly enjoys all the foods cooked in the office.


The postman is clearly a suspect character and as such, Hank likes nothing more than alerting his owner to his - or anyone’s - presence. He is a fast learner but can be quite aloof to other people when they want to say hello, really only interested in playing with other dogs and rolling in fox poo. And he loves his food. And his owner’s food. In fact, anyone’s food.


Life is balls, no quite literally life is balls be them tennis balls, footballs, rugby balls whatever, when they fly through the air he knows what he must do. Bean is also known for going on long walks with his humans, he prefers the lone 'wolf lifestyle' and has only a few close friends. As an athlete he watches what he eats and regularly supplements his diet with carrot, broccoli or apple to keep in tip top condition.

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