Vegan Instant Noodles, Porridges and Congees

Hey vegans, we said we’ve got your back, and here’s why. Our vegan pot noodles come in three flavours: Golden Veggie Curry Ramen noodles, warming curry broth with wheat noodles, soya pieces, green beans, cauliflower and carrot, and 2 gluten free flavours: Dragon Fire Vegetables, a hot & sour rice noodles in a cup with red miso, bamboo shoots, green beans, mushroom and tamari soy sauce and Zen Garden Vegetables Miso, harmonious miso rice noodles in a pot with asparagus, green beans, spinach & ginger. All very different flavours, but both under 260 calories per cup, packed full of protein, chunks of vegetables and made with absolutely no nasties!

Sweet vegan oat porridges are made using gluten free oats, coconut milk and real fruits. 

Delicious Original congee - the savoury rice porridge also called "jook", is made with a unique blend of grains - a traditional Asian dish. Gluten Free, low in fat and sugar.

  1. Original Congee Rice Porridge  (8 Pack) Original Congee Rice Porridge  (8 Pack)
    Original Congee Rice Porridge (8 Pack)
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