The Real Mr Lee

Who is Mr Lee?

Damien Lee is a real person, not some fictitious character made up by Madmen. After being told he had a few weeks to live, this cancer survivor and noodle lover is now on a mission to help time-poor people eat better. But why start a noodle company…?

What do you do when told you only have a few weeks to live?

“That’s how long I was given when I was diagnosed with cancer.”

“I knew that for me at that time, a diet of no nasties, raw food and chemo, as well as having a determined mind and spirit was the only way to beat this thing. But all the time I craved my favourite guilty pleasure: instant noodles. But I just couldn’t because I knew they are full of junk, and that wasn’t going to help me fight the battle ahead.”

“I vowed when I got better to revolutionise noodles. And get better I did! I was given the all clear and Mr Lee’s Noodles was born.”

Look after your temple

Our noodles taste good because they are good. Unlike most other cup noodles, our ingredients are freeze dried, not dehydrated. This locks in more of the flavour, nutrients and vitamins.

So you can scoff away guilt-free, knowing mind, body and soul are getting what they need.

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Absolutely no nasties

All our noodles are free of MSG, hydrogenated fats and all other nasties, but full of the finest available ingredients from across the globe.

So the chicken tastes like chicken, the ginger tastes like ginger, the bamboo tastes like…you get the picture.

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