Mr Lee's In Brief

Company Bio

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods is an innovative brand of award-winning, premium noodles in a cup. Founded in the UK by Australian ex-pat and three times late stage 4 cancer survivor Damien Lee, Mr Lee’s mission is to shake up instant noodles’ reputation as unhealthy and improve the ready meals category through the introduction of a premium, rice noodle product made with absolutely no nasties. Their 6 noodle flavours use only authentic Asian inspired recipes and the finest ingredients (market-leading amounts of premium freeze-dried veggies and proteins incl. generous chunks of 100% real chicken breast). Certified gluten free, low in sugar and with 2 vegan options

All noodles are not created equal

  • Six awesome flavours
  • Two vegan-friendly options
  • All certified Gluten-free
  • Certified low in sugar
  • Low in calories
  • Low in saturated fat
  • No MSGs, e-numbers or other nasties

16Oz Flavours In Cup & In Bowl

Hong Kong Street Beef in bowl

Warrior Fighting Shrimp in bow

Tai Chi Chicken in bowl

Coconut Chicken Laksa in bowl

Dragon Fire Vegetables in bowl

Zen Garden Vegetables in bowl

shot of 3 flavours in bowl

shot of 3 flavours in bowl on orange

14Oz Flavours (Travel)

Damien Lee (Founder)