Help us, help them.

Give tasty, healthy, quick hot meals to people who need it

Do you know a group of people working hard to keep things moving? 

Staff, colleagues, volunteers, foodbanks, frontline NHS staff, care workers…

We’ve recently partnered with an amazing private individual who has donated significant quantities of our noodles to NHS hospitals in the Midlands. He bought thousands of cups, so we topped-up his order with loads more from us and delivered them. Simple, effective and hugely welcomed. Now they’re available to busy frontline NHS staff as they work night & day to save lives.

This gave us an idea! There must be other incredible and generous people out there who feel they just want to support in any way they can. We want to help make that happen by topping up the amount you buy and organising all the delivery and paperwork etc Working in partnership with you, and other fantastic and generous individuals, we can reach more people out there, more quickly.

We can make a difference, together! 
Drop us an email at [email protected] to talk about who you want to help, and how many pallets you would like to give, we'll get back to you as soon as possible to talk details and make it happen.

*We want to assure everyone that here at Mr Lee’s we are purely covering production and other costs of sale. We are donating any profit on these sales to these wonderful people through the top-up cups we are adding, as well as the cost and organisation of distribution/delivery.

No worries, eat happy!