Q: Are your gluten-free products made in a dedicated 100% gluten free facility?
A: Our gluten-free products are not made in a gluten-free site, but we have extensive procedures in place to ensure no cross-contamination.

We are audited yearly by the AOECS Standard for Gluten-Free Foods to ensure all Coeliac regulations are being followed. We also test our products post-production to ensure gluten levels are below 5ppm

Q: How is it some of your products are labelled ‘gluten-free’ but include barley/maltodextrin?
A: We highlight our barley and wheat maltodextrin on our pack for safety reasons, however, please be assured the parts per million fall well under the Coeliac Society guidelines of 20 parts per million. We are currently working to remove this completely from our products please bear with us whilst we find a 0 parts per million tasty solution.

Q: I see that you have some soups with shrimp powder. Are all of your soups made in one facility? I have shellfish allergy and would like to know if your soups are safe to eat.
A: Risks of cross contamination are minimised through strict controls and a deep wet clean is carried out on any production lines which use any allergens prior to our products hitting that production line. This way the production facility ensures that any risks of cross-contamination are kept to a minimum

Q: I have a nut/seed allergy, do you use any of these in your products? Are your facilities nut and seed free?
A: Nuts and seeds are not used in any of our products. Our production facility is nut and seed free, and our products are fully sealed and packaged on site to ensure no cross-contamination when they enter the supply chain.

Q: Are your products dairy free?
A: Yes, our noodles, congee's and porridges are all dairy free. In some we use coconut milk powder to give them their creamy flavour.


Q: How long do orders take to be delivered?
A: We dispatch all orders within 2 working days. We send our parcels 2nd class, to keep costs down. However, this does mean that they can take up to 3-4 working days to arrive.

Q: I only received part of my order, there’s a box/boxes missing.
A: Unfortunately, when it’s more than one box they might get split when delivered. The remaining box/boxes should arrive in the next few days


Q: Where do Mr Lee’s rice noodles come from and how are they made?
A: Our authentic rice noodles are sourced from the idyllic paddy fields of Vietnam, the noodles are air-dried (not fried like most typical instant noodles) to ensure a 100% palm oil free, tasty, healthy noodle

Q: Can I eat your products past the BBE date?

A: Our BBE date is about quality, not safety, so whilst we cannot guarantee there may be a loss of quality after the BBE date, the noodles will still be perfectly safe to eat. The quality of our noodles will depend on how the product has been stored, as long as it has been stored in a cool, dry place during this time period, with the seals intact, we would not expect to see any great deterioration in quality for at least a few months.

Q: Can I mix and match different flavours and products?
A: Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have this facility set up. We are already looking into offering a 'build a box' option so please bear with us whilst we get this in place.

Q: Where can I buy your products?
A: You can find Mr Lee’s full range on our online store. Mr Lee’s rice noodles are also available on Amazon and Ocado.

Q: I’d like to try your products, do you send samples?
A: Unfortunately, we don’t have any sample packs. We offer mixed cases of each of our product range on our online store. Our mixed Noodle box includes one of each flavour, our Porridge mixed box includes 3x So Very Berry, 3x Salted Caramel and 2x Original Porridge and our Congee mixed box includes 4x Original and 4x Chicken.

Alternatively, if you wanted to try an individual pot of our rice noodles, you can find them on Ocado.

Q: Why isn’t your new Ramen Range gluten-free?
A:Someone once said 'variety is the spice of life', we’re super proud of our GF range but wanted to offer something a bit different as well, wheat ramen was the next logical step for us in our fight to create a range of instant foods with no nasties.

Q: Are your wheat ramen noodles fried like others on the market?
A:No, our wheat noodles are air-dried, which helps keep the saturated fats nice and low!


Q: Is your packaging recyclable?
A: Our packaging is recyclable, you can take the cardboard sleeve off and you can recycle both the sleeve and the cup where facilities allow. We are constantly looking for alternatives but at the moment this is the best solution to maintain the quality of our product.

For any other queries, please contact us on [email protected]