Original porridge topped with blueberries mango and chia seeds, So Very Berry porridge topped with strawberries, raspberries and peanut butter and Salted Caramel porridge topped with banana, almonds and piece of dark chocolate

How to top up your Mr Lee’s Porridge

One of the best ways to start your day is with a comforting and warm bowl of oats. Not only is it healthy and nutritious but it is also easy and satisfying. Perk up your Mr Lee’s Porridge with our topping ideas; from fresh fruit and nut butters to seeds and nuts!
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Microphone, headphones and light box

Wellbeing, Nutrition and Food Podcasts: our top 10 picks

Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume, they are a great form of entertainment and they are a fantastic companion. Nowadays you can find podcasts on any topic under the sun, from sport, art and music to cooking, science and parenting, and many others. We’ve selected a few of our favourite podcasts around food, nutrition and mental health.
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Blonde woman flexing arm

Spinach: why you should be eating this superfood

One of the healthiest eating habits you can adopt is to include more plant-based foods into your diet. Nowadays, with so many processed foods in supermarket aisles, eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruit as part of an overall balanced diet and active lifestyle is extremely important. There are many varieties of vegetables available, and spinach is undeniably a premium choice to incorporate into your diet.
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Woman in meditation posture overlooking the mountains

Yoga: get started with this ancient Indian discipline

There are many different ways of winding down and one that has become more popular over the last number of years in the West is yoga. No matter your age, weight or fitness level, yoga is a discipline which strengthens your body and calms your mind. However, starting yoga as a beginner might feel intimidating. To celebrate International Yoga Day we thought we would bring you a simple routine for you to get started with this ancient Indian discipline.
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Father and son at the beach enjoying pots of Mr Lee's Noodles

Father’s Day 2021: celebrating all fathers

Whilst we should appreciate dads every day of the year, Father’s Day is an occasion to acknowledge what they mean for us and show them that we care. This year we thought we would celebrate by asking the members of the Mr Lee’s team to write a few words about their fathers.
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Mr Lee's Original, So Very Berry and Salted Caramel instant porridge pots

Why porridge is a great way to start your day

Oats are a premium health choice and eating porridge for breakfast is a simple, convenient way to fuel your body for the day ahead. Mr Lee's Porridge pots are a quick and easy health fix! By just adding boiling water, you can rest assured that you are supporting your body with a great start to the day.
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