Original porridge topped with blueberries mango and chia seeds, So Very Berry porridge topped with strawberries, raspberries and peanut butter and Salted Caramel porridge topped with banana, almonds and piece of dark chocolate

How to top up your Mr Lee’s Porridge

One of the best ways to start your day is with a comforting and warm bowl of oats. Not only is it healthy and nutritious but it is also easy and satisfying. Perk up your Mr Lee’s Porridge with our topping ideas; from fresh fruit and nut butters to seeds and nuts!
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Microphone, headphones and light box

Wellbeing, Nutrition and Food Podcasts: our top 10 picks

Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume, they are a great form of entertainment and they are a fantastic companion. Nowadays you can find podcasts on any topic under the sun, from sport, art and music to cooking, science and parenting, and many others. We’ve selected a few of our favourite podcasts around food, nutrition and mental health.
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