Three porridge bowls, one topped with pineapple and goji berries, another with apple, raisins and cinnamon and the last topped with dark chocolate and chilli.

World Porridge Day 2021: 3 ways of topping up your breakfast porridge

Porridge is a great breakfast, not only is it extremely nourishing but it is also really versatile allowing you to top it up with almost any ingredient. To celebrate World Porridge Day 2021, we are sharing some of our Executive Chef's favourite porridge toppings. Ready to create three different breakfast dishes with our Mr Lee’s Original Porridge as a base? 

Tropical porridge 

Feel like a tropical style brekkie? We’ve got you covered! Start boiling some water in your kettle and in the meantime chop up some fresh pineapple. Once the water in the kettle is boiled, pour it into your Mr Lee’s Original Porridge and wait for 4 mins. 

When it’s ready, put it into a bowl, top with the fresh pineapple, goji berries and coconut shavings and you're ready to go! Head to our TikTok to see how Andy prepares it!

Chocolate and chilli 

Chocolate and chilli is a match made in heaven. Prepare your Mr Lee’s Original Porridge and whilst you are waiting for it, grate some 85% dark chocolate and get some chilli flakes ready. Once your porridge is cooked, simply sprinkle your grated chocolate and chilli flakes over it and place a mint leaf on top. Watch Andy making it step-by-step. 

Apple and cinnamon 

Someone once said: “simplicity is the key to brilliance”. This porridge topping is simple yet fabulous: chopped red apple, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon, a great combo! 

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Mr Lees Team