The reasons why we decided to develop a premium noodle

Why you need to spend more than £1 on instant noodles

Author: Francesca - Mr Lee's Team 

This week at Mr Lee’s we have been examining our competitors and the difference between our products. Our range of foods are core to everything we do and reviewing the market reminds us of the reasons why we decided to develop a premium noodle.

When we set out to create Mr Lee’s we realised you can’t make a quality healthy noodle for the same price as other instant noodles on the market. Wholesomeness isn’t expensive but it’s also not the price of a chocolate bar.

If noodles are one of the items on your shopping list, you might think that picking up a £1 instant pot of noodles is more economical than choosing that cup of noodles on the shelf that is double the price. However, the following infographic shows the difference between the amount of ingredients in a cheap instant pot and a premium noodle.

Noodle comparison

I bet you are surprised how little real food goes into an average £1 noodle and how much more you get when choosing one with a slightly higher price. Mr Lee’s mission has always been to offer healthier food options to consumers and we were not willing to compromise on the quality or wholesomeness of our products in order to put a cheaper product out on the market.

The resulting effect of spending less is receiving a poorer food snack compared to if you choose to spend an extra £1 or £2 on a premium noodle which has a very different make up of ingredients. Only by splashing out that little bit more you end up with a meal which contains 100% real freeze-dried meat and vegetables, free from any artificial additives and a product which is also low in sugar and saturated fats and is part of a healthy diet

Nutritional values of cheap instant noodles versus premium noodles

The cheap noodle options try to hide what’s inside by using clever food photography tactics and sticking misleading images on the front of their packaging, but when we took an honest photo with our phone it was easy to see how few ingredients you actually get in an average instant noodle pot compared to the real food premium noodles contain.

Photo comparison between average cheap instant noodles and premium noodles

 While paying double for instant noodles may seem expensive, this healthy lunchtime meal comes in at a similar price to the average takeaway coffee, which isn’t always the healthiest or most nutritional drink, with some containing up to a fifth of the recommended calorie intake.

Comparison between average takeaway coffee and Mr Lee's premium noodles

We all love the taste of good quality food, which is why buying premium noodles should be amongst your priorities. Not only does it mean you are investing in a quality product, but it also comes with benefits for your overall health. So, next time you are planning on doing a food shop, carefully think about what you are going to buy, as a slightly more expensive product may indeed be worth it.


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