We Came and We Conquered - Silver Award at Lunch! Contemporary Food To Go Show!

We Came and We Conquered - Silver Award at Lunch! Contemporary Food To Go Show!

On a week that saw Mr Lee’s attending one of the largest food on the go events in London, our stand out flavour the ‘Hong Kong Street Beef’ received its first major award, a silver in the Lunch Innovation Challenge Awards. For those out the loop, Lunch is a large-scale contemporary food-to- go show held at the business design center in London. It’s a bustling event for all kinds of large suppliers, buyers and distributors to find the best new and exciting foods on offer - which this year included Mr Lee’s Noodles Company!

As well as exhibiting our product ideas on the show floor, Lunch was a great opportunity for us to compete against 65 additional companies in the annual ‘Innovation Challenge Awards’. This challenge (organised by Diversified Communications UK) is essential for any upcoming food companies looking to boost their sales scope and pack their brands with an award winning punch. A showcase of the top 65 brands was to be held in the innovation gallery, which after a buyers industry vote would slim down to the top 15 foods.

With this in mind we nominated one of our favourite flavours ‘The Hong Kong Street Beef’ to catch the votes, winning us an initial pitch with a panel of food industry experts. Headed by group event director Chris Brazier and an anticipated audience, the Mr Lee’s team stepped to the podium and began highlighting the key benefits of our innovative noodles in a cup.

“The instant noodle sector is littered with brands selling nasty noodles, and that reputation is hideous. I wanted to change that with Mr Lee’s, so I’ve created a noodle that is 100% no nasties, the lowest in sugar, the lowest in salts, the lowest in saturated fats and calories” pitched Damien Lee to the panel.

The judges were fully impressed with our use of freeze-dried ingredients, strong health credentials and innovative Noodle Kiosks, putting our brand into a winning light. “The judges admired the use of the freeze dried ingredients and feel Mr Lee’s are moving the noodle sector forward and they can’t wait to see what happens next” - said Chris Brazier.

Winning a silver means a lot to Mr Lee’s, as not only are we now an official award winning noodle company, but we can also begin the process of getting our products out to as many places as possible. This means more reputable, healthy ready meal availability for those looking for a better, guilt-free noodle. "Lunch! has been amazing for Mr Lee's and has opened many new doors that we may not have found otherwise. It was such an honour to be a part of this event" - said Damien Lee.

Thanks to everybody we met at the Lunch Contemporary Food to Go Show. We built great relationships, boosted our sales scope and are now a step closer to our mission of helping food consumers eat and live better. We came and we conquered.

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Mr Lees Team