Top Ten Tips to Make The Everyday Easier

Top Ten Tips to Make The Everyday Easier

When it comes to life with a toddler, there’s usually one word that sums it up nicely – chaotic. Your wonderfully immobile newborn days are over and now you’re fighting daily battles with a mini, but very loud, version of yourself. As the gloriously warm summer weather fades you may feel that your options for daily activities become limited, but with an energetic toddler to keep occupied you’re going to need to think quick.

There are so many lovely things to look forward to in autumn and winter. From collecting conkers and crunching through piles of leaves, to turning your eyes to the sky and taking in all the colourful flashes of fireworks – it can be an exciting time for kids indeed.

If you’re feeling somewhat unsure about how to manage your toddler during this seasonal change then remember that sometimes small wins make all the difference. So, to help you out we’ve put together a survival guide to making it through each autumnal day with a toddler.

  1.  Silence is NOT golden.

Although in the past a little quiet time was very welcome, with a toddler you should probably expect the worst. From covering their entire bodies in paint to drawing on the walls, if they’re quiet it means they’re occupied...but hopefully it’s with something that’s not going to cause you too much of a headache.

  1. Learn to flex your routine.

Toddlers are notorious for having changeable moods and habits. So, even if you’ve been blessed with a regular nap routine, don’t worry if you suddenly find them getting crabby in the morning even though they usually nap in the afternoon. Routine is important, but you don’t want to be tearing your hair out trying to make it happen. 

  1. Toys with many pieces will get lost.

Sometimes clearing up after a toddler throughout the day can feel like you’re bailing water out of a boat with an egg cup. Save yourself the trouble – if you’ve got a lot of toys or puzzles with mini pieces, put them on a rotation so you’re not having to tidy them up for hours after they’ve gone to bed.

  1. Remember to catch up with friends.

Although meeting up with other toddler parents often means you say less than 30 words to each other whilst your kids run off in opposite directions, it’s still important to socialise with your friends. Play dates at each other’s houses is a good one as the weather takes a turn for the worse, and allows you to contain the little ones whilst on home ground too.

  1. Fill your pockets with snacks. Always.

Never be without snacks. Ever. Trust me. 

  1. Eat well, even on-the-go.

Even though you’re chasing after a toddler all day, there’s no need to compromise on what you’re eating. Mr Lee’s noodles are made with real, super tasty ingredients and absolutely no nasties. We all know that toddlers love to share food, and the milder flavours like ‘Tai Chi Chicken’ and ‘Zen Garden Vegetables’ are yummy for little tastebuds too. 

  1. Rotate toys to keep them feeling new.

The cooler months may have shorter days, but if you’re stuck inside with a toddler bouncing off the walls they can feel very long indeed. If the weather is putting you off going outside then playing indoors with the same toys is going to become tedious. Split up toys into smaller groups and put some out of sight then at the end of each week swap them around – this not only keeps them feeling fresh and new to your little one and actually encourages more play, it also means you’ve got less to tidy too.

  1. What they like today will be the devil tomorrow.

Toddlers are fickle. Yesterday they wanted a certain bear in their cot for nap time, they couldn’t be without it, but today it’s ended up on the floor multiple times. Toddlers emotions rage like an ocean storm so be prepared!

  1. Mess can be cleaned up, but they’ll always have the memories.

As new parents, we often worry about things being clean and tidy but once you get to the toddler stage you have to simply embrace it. Sure, inside you’re cringing at how much paint is going over the table or up the walls, but to your little one they’re just having a super time with you.

  1. Embrace the season’s festivities.

As autumn sets in there’s a great selection of exciting things to do in the run up to Christmas. Bonfire night and Halloween are firm family favourites for getting all wrapped up and heading outside. To keep your family feeling warm, toasty and ready to go, tuck into some Mr Lee’s noodles. They’re a tasty dinner option and as they’re ready in only three minutes they’re the perfect speedy option to enjoy between the end of nursery and the start of all the fun.

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Mr Lees Team