Top 5 Meals For Outdoor Adventures!

Top 5 Meals For Outdoor Adventures!

When it’s your passion you spend time planning, you pour over maps, you salivate at kit, spend work lunchtimes looking at detailed rucksack pages on outdoor websites. As a micro adventurer, your primary goal is to escape the mundane, cast off the office garb as quickly as possible on a Friday, or maybe a cheeky Thursday for good behaviour, anyway, quicker than Clark Kent can say ‘Superman’, you’re changed, the car is packed, the carpool karaoke tunes are ON and you are ready to hit the great outdoors! 

Having the right kit is ideal, but active breaks also involve hardcore fuel burning, if you are planning on reaching a mountain summit or two, then you can expect to burn thousands of calories in just one day. The irony is that feeding our bodies is often quite low on the list of priorities when organising an adventure, yet you would never plan a long car journey without thinking about where and how to fill it up. To support your next adventure wherever it may be, here’s our top 5 meals.


  • There are a plethora of food offerings available, especially as activities such as hiking have really risen in popularity in recent years. If you go to any outdoors retailer you will find packs, bars, gels and more looking to appeal to the desire to fuel up quickly and conveniently. Like a F1 race car, you are aiming to achieve the perfect strategy of optimum fuel for performance, reaching your goals without needing to take a whole refrigerator with you.


  • One option is to emulate contemporary explorers such as Bear Grylls and forage as you go. Grazing on berries, maybe some fish and all else nature has to offer could be appealing, it might mean you don’t have to carry much with you (although a fishing rod is quite bulky), but you’ll expend energy acquiring the fuel and you’ll certainly need a strong stomach, plus an in-depth knowledge of what you can devour or what might turn out to be a little more deadly..! 


  • Popular Irish outdoor site Earth’s Edge* recommends that you have a low-fat meal one to two hours before hiking as opposed to a higher fat meal which will take longer to digest, ‘You don’t need to count macro calories constantly but do think about getting simple, healthy hiking food into you rather than a greasy chipper’.It can be difficult to judge what to take with you on an adventure, so you should experiment when you can; it is important to find something you really want to eat and not just feel you must eat, as quite often our appetite can be suppressed at altitude. 


  • A convenient option on the trails could be a packet such as a tuna meal, the ones that come in little foil containers and contain tuna, pasta and usually some veg, they don’t need to be kept at a certain temperature and can give you a good balance of protein and carbs.


If you are looking for an alternative idea for hiking nourishment, include in their list of favourite go-to dinner options ramen and instant soups. A meal that will deliver on taste, nourishment and convenience is Mr Lee’s Noodles, an award-winning and healthy option, packed with quality ingredients and real food that delivers authentic flavours. All you need to enjoy them on the go is access to drinkable hot water and a couple of minutes to prepare them. The whole range of Mr Lee’s are gluten free, plus there are vegan options available meaning dietary requirements are catered for.

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Mr Lees Team