Top 3 Benefits of Instant Foods On Holiday

Top 3 Benefits of Instant Foods On Holiday

Holidays are all about time spent at the beach, the forest, making camp, riding your first wave, making memories that will last all year. But if you are trying to go truly ‘off-grid’ with the family and enjoy the great outdoors that can come with its own set of challenges, not least when thinking about how to energise and nourish your brood on the go.

The ‘unhealthy’ stigma around instant foods makes it difficult for time-pressed parents because they want to make sure they are giving their children the right daily nutrients, but also don’t want to have to take a larder full of food on a camping trip or a day at the beach to do so.

If someone could provide a healthy, tasty meal that was packed with nutrients, quality ingredients and was ready in minutes with just the addition of hot water and no need for refrigeration, you might call that a game changer for the family, the ultimate ‘holiday hack’? 

Here’s our top 3 benefits to eating healthy, instant foods on holiday, giving you more time to focus on the important things.

#1: Waste Less Time, Build More Memories

No need to buy fancy new equipment or try to work out how to get power for cooking. Much like all instant soups, as long as you have a source for drinkable hot water, and a fork or chopsticks, you are good to go! Instant noodles come in a handy cup, so no washing pots and pans, just rinse and recycle, or find something creative to do with the cups, like making sandcastles.

#2: Getting Energy The Right Way

‘Instant noodles’ might not sound like the obvious food to have on-the-go during the holidays and probably have the perception with many parents of having a cheap, powdered, plastic taste, because growing up that was often the only instant noodles we knew. The premium noodle brands like Mr Lee’s however are radically changing that conceived notion, winning awards for health, taste and authenticity. Surprisingly, instant foods can be a remarkable source of energy to keep parents and kids alike geared for the outdoors, and are developed with recovery and convenience in-mind.

The beauty of having a nutritious instant meal that can be ready in minutes means you don’t have to compromise your daily activities to make sure you have enough time and energy to prep food. Whatever time of day, having an ideal carbohydrate source will keep those energy levels high and help you avoid those ‘hangry’ moments! 

Battling activity fatigue doesn’t necessarily have to involve high-in-sugar, caffeine-filled beverages. Instead, foods containing vitamin C, vitamin B6, and of course, potassium can be an excellent choice for boosting your immune system and brain power, especially those sourced with ingredients from the cole vegetable family.

#3: Creating Instant Wins for the Whole Family!

Feeding family members with special dietary needs can be a major challenge when preparing safe holiday foods. It won’t be easy to stop allergen cross-contamination when tucking into a one-pot meal at the campsite or preparing sandwiches for a hike. Instant foods have come a long way to filling this gap, eg. Mr Lee’s full range of certified gluten-free rice noodles, and vegan options (registered with the Vegan Society) making outdoor preparation stations and cleaning down procedures a thing of the past. Providing safe to eat, fun family meals doesn’t have to come with the usual stresses. For more on this, here’s our tips for cooking for a coeliac family member.

So, what are you waiting for? Summer adventures await you and your family, just grab some Mr Lee’s and go! Use #InstantWins on your pics and the best ones will be featured on our Instagram.

No worries, eat happy!

Mr Lees Team