Mr Lee's So very berry, Salted Caramel and Original porridge pots on a coloured background of grains

The reasons behind launching a range of porridges

Author: Francesca - Mr Lee's Team

After the announcement of our new products, you may be wondering why we decided to launch a range of porridges. If you’ve been following us for some time you might be surprised by the step we’ve made into the breakfast market, but rest assured, there’s a reason behind it.

The story begins with congee, an Asian savoury rice porridge which our late founder Damien grew up eating for breakfast. The traditional dish normally takes hours to cook from scratch but Damien loved it so much he wanted to bring out an instant version in a convenient format, so he, and everyone else, could enjoy congee in just 4 minutes.

It wasn’t long until Damien and our Executive chef Andy Chu, headed into the kitchen to begin experimenting. After months of working hard, creating many different versions, tweaking recipes and testing and retesting, they finally got to a place where they were extremely proud of the final product.

For both Andy and Damien congee was a familiar dish, but for the rest of the Mr Lee’s team in the UK it wasn’t. Most of us hadn’t heard of congee before and had no idea of what it was but it didn’t take long for us to realise how fantastic it was.

We loved the idea of a savoury rice porridge and found it to be very comforting and nourishing but some team members were not convinced about having it first thing in the morning and this sparked conversations around working on other breakfast options.

Keeping in mind we had a finalised savoury rice porridge and considering the resurgence of oats in the past few years as well as all the health benefits they provide, a range of sweet porridges seemed to be the next logical step. This also fits in with our need to widen our product offering in our vending machines, allowing us to offer healthier, convenient food solutions for any time of the day.

Andy quickly got busy creating different flavoured porridges, experimenting with a range of grains and ingredients, trying out authentic Asian twists and more traditional British staples. After months of hard work, the Food Team concluded the three delicious flavours we would be launching here in the UK.

We are extremely proud of both these ranges and we are happy to be able to expand into new territories with healthy and quality on-the-go-foods for people short on time.

Mr Lee’s Porridge and Mr Lee’s Congee are now available on our online store and in vending machines in selected locations.  

Mr Lees Team