The Journey to Idea Works!

The Journey to Idea Works!

With Chinese New Year fast approaching I found myself reflecting on the journey so far...It’s hard not to get too excited with our noodles almost ready for market! We have the office, a great, International team and with an invitation to Compass Group’s Idea Works all of our hard work is about to pay off! For those out the know, Idea Work’s is an annually held business event where creative industries are invited to present their exciting products. The tensions are rising!

This week me and my team travelled far and wide to Manchester for our very first, major presentation. We were in high spirits across the Silk Road; the feudal Chinese trade route between East and West suppliers. Today however our noodles won’t be carried by grassland mules but by the highway to the hungry mouths of healthy food investors!

It’s here where we would present our ideas to accustomed guests from Compass Group UK, our very own noodle connoisseurs. Interested in millennial diets for their university, hospital and military bases I’m sure our noodles will get their taste buds tingling! Feeling warm with noodle-cups in hand we welcomed hospitality at Campanile Hotel, where my business partner and myself spent the night rehearsing. As for the rest of the team? Let’s just say it’s definitely the year of ‘monkeying’ around!

In the morning of the pitch the dragons eagerly awaited our thoughts as we headed to Museum of Science and Industry. Within this grand, modern exhibition our friendly competitors prepared to unleash their ideas; from healthy, fresh yoghurts to reduced sugar jams and reusable cups. Everybody was in high spirits, filled with anticipation and hope that Compass Group would feel our passions! With banners raised and noodles soaked our esteemed guests sat open-eared for the final event looking to digest and potentially invest.

“Hi, I’m Damien Lee, a noodle lover and the founder of Mr Lee’s Noodles”

Emotions filled the room as the presentation ran with questions flying and noodles cups sinking. Conflicts in interest had our machines under radar, but the truth is always in the food...They loved our noodles! To the championed theme of Mr Lee’s rap, the soups were brought out in an oriental fashion as the team stood through the final, deciding moments. Much to our relief, a huge amount of support and enthusiasm saw every member giving us their positive thumbs up! Four-for-four votes have our noodle kiosks entering over 10,000 locations across the UK and Ireland - not too shabby for a five minutes presentation.

A large sigh of relief filled the team as we packed down our props, shared our smiles and cheered to some delicious noodle soups! Now the world can finally try our gourmet, oriental noodles in a cup…Almost!

Mr Lees Team