The Healthy Way To Snack Whilst On The Train!

The Healthy Way To Snack Whilst On The Train!

It’s far too easy to snack on unhealthy snacks whilst toing and froing from work. Studies by the Royal Society for Public Health have shown that, whilst commuting, individuals in the UK consume an additional 800 calories per working week. But it’s not the act of eating that’s the crime, but instead it’s what people are putting in their mouths. Unhealthy snacks are often the most accessible foods when travelling, but in the long run end up the most expensive, and the worst for your health.

Snacks like crisps, chocolate and sweets are well known for not being great for the human body, but the less discussed problem is that they simply don’t fill you up when hungry! Low in protein, most unhealthy snacks contain an estimated 14% of the recommended protein of a balanced meal, but in some cases 200% the calorific value. Whether you’re snacking after a missed meal, or just eating out of boredom, unhealthy snacks just don’t make sense.

Enter: Mr Lee's Noodles

Let’s take an average packet of crisps for example, per gram of protein they contain over 80 calories. Mr Lee’s Noodles contain just 20 calories per gram of protein, making it a far more efficient food to fill you up.

Rice noodles are high in protein and low in calories, so they fill you up with nothing but healthiness! On top of not doing you any damage, nutrients and vitamins can be found in the meat and veg of each pot, doing you some good as well. With a three-minute preparation time, Mr Lee’s Noodles are an easy, tasty, healthy solution to commuting hunger.

On the 3rd of July, Mr Lee’s Noodles partnered up with travel food experts Rail Gourmet to bring healthy, gluten free gourmet noodles to South-Western Railways. Hong Kong Street Beef, Dragon Fire Vegetables and Coconut Chicken Laksa are now available on catering trolleys across the south west of the UK, providing a warm, tasty meal for all hungry travellers.

“It’s far too easy when travelling to be tempted into eating nasty foods, and generally having a bad diet, which is why I couldn’t be happier that our noodles are now on South-Western Trains. Finally, a warm, gluten free meal, full of goodness to keep you and your stomach happy whilst traversing the country” - said Damien Lee, CEO & Founder of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co.

Not just being the only warm food option on these trains, Mr Lee’s Noodles is also a game changer for all individuals who suffer from gluten allergies, dairy allergies, vegetarians and vegans. With options for all the previously mentioned, this is a real first for the travel catering industry, an easy to prepare meal that’s not only warm and wholesome, but that’s good for you too.

Mr Lees Team