Supermarkets, More Awards & Vending Phase Two!

Supermarkets, More Awards & Vending Phase Two!

When it comes to writing these blog posts, we like to keep things fresh, try new things - the point of them is to entertain, inform and educate you fine people, create content that is useful to you, and if there's something we don't want to do, is keep bragging about how cool we are. That said, we're pretty damn great, and we've got a whole lot more to update you on, so here we go!

Between us plastering the internet in virtual posters, and shouting from every rooftop available to us, you'll hopefully now know that we recently launched in one of Australia's leading supermarkets, Woolworths. Breaking industry convention, we’ve launched in an impressive 830 stores, with four of our delicious flavours stocking shelves across the Aussie nation. The feedback we’ve had already is blowing our minds, and the learning and doors that are opening worldwide is nothing short of incredible. Following our successes with Woolworths, we're extremely happy to announce we have also launched in two other chains down under: Metro and Ezymart, making it to ca. 900 stores altogether in Australia!

Covering two very different demographics, the two will help us in our ongoing mission to revolutionise convenience food across the globe. Metro is an Australian answer to a UK Sainsbury Local, frequented by busy professionals during lunch times, located in high-footfall areas in densely populated zones, whereas Woolworths is a far more evenly spread store demographics. Ezymart, on the other hand, is your trusty local corner shop, a different demographic again. Between all three we intend to make Mr Lee's noodles evermore widely accessible, meaning anyone can get their hands on something tasty, but packed full of nutrition for lunch or dinner.

On the back of all things outback, and moving up from Australasia to Asia, we've won two categories in the Asia Food Innovation awards! Winning both 'Best food service catering product' and 'Best convenience food' categories in the Continent of origin for everything noodle, with a product made outside of Asia, is phenomenal, and has positively affirmed Mr Lee's Noodles as an authentic, tasty dish. Even more recently, we have also been nominated as finalists in a handful of huge awards, including the Food & Drink Federation Awards, the IGD Awards and Australia's Food and Beverage Awards - all of which to name winners in the coming weeks, so keep a keen eye on our social media to find out how we do!

2018 is going to be the year we truly fulfil the 'tech' segment of our description as a Food-Tech company, as we move our Noodle Kiosk project to phase two. After all our learning from last year, we have developed a next generation machine, addressing all the feedback we got to further enhance our kiosk experience, creating a modern, innovative take on the classic vending machine. Over the next month, we will be rolling these out to high footfall areas, including hospitals, universties, hotels and corporations, hitting new and existing consumers in a manner localised to their daily lives.

Both food and tech are on the move globally, who knows where we could be within the next few months, but stay tuned as it's bound to be an exciting ride ahead!

Mr Lee's Noodles are now available online at Woolworths  in Australia, alongside Amazon and Ocado in the UK.

Mr Lees Team