Parents, learn this one simple trick to make time for yourself

Parents, learn this one simple trick to make time for yourself

If there’s one truth worth telling these days, it’s that it’s incredibly easy to get busy-minded whilst doing a whole lot of nothing. Work pressures, family matters, push notifications, TV adverts, social media – you name it, we live in a noisy world that’s only getting louder. There are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, and more choice on TV than ever before, but with all this content, are we really content?

The purpose of this article is to show you how to steal back a little bit of that time, a little bit of that thinking-space, to do something you love, to do something important. Unhealthy eating and obesity is on the rise at a rampant rate, putting not only adults at risk of multiple ailments, but also their children. As many as 35% of kids here in the UK are overweight, even at the age of 11. Sadly, this has a lot to do with parents not having the time to make a difference, both in their own diets and lifestyles as well as their kid’s.

It’s “oh so easy” to let busyness come in and rob you of the time you’d rather spend with your children. A recent study has shown that doing as little exercise as 15 minutes every day can extend your lifespan, never mind the quality of that life, and it starts with your children. Instilling the right behaviours at such a vital age can make or break a health lifestyle, but busyness can come in and rob it away – so, let’s work out together how to get a little bit of that time back.

Cooking to some can be a way to unwind, something quite enjoyable, but often it’s an inconvenience that requires a lot of thought and preparation, especially with picky little mouths to feed. It’s a normal routine for most to leave work immediately thinking of what they’ve got to eat, spending a good amount of time going to a shop to get the ingredients, another amount of time preparing and cooking it, all before actually sitting down and eating. This is especially the case when you're on holiday.

Now, we’re not knocking home cooking – not in the slightest, as it’s always going to have the greatest potential to create a healthier meal, but the fact is that people aren’t doing that! Instead they substitute the time with a quick, unhealthy ready meal, riddled with additives and other nasties, but hey it’s quick, right?

In a recent article from Huffington Post it was said that upwards of one fifth of parents lie to peers about what they feed their kids, with 29% of parents saying it was due to the fussy eating of their children being the obstacle to a healthier diet. What’s more, is on average nearly a third of those surveyed explained that it was not having enough time that prevented from cooking healthier meals. It’s a very “either-or” market right now, choose time, or pick health – but what if there was a way you could have both… A way to eat well, whilst still redirecting the energy spent on your evening meal to whatever you want to do?

Mr Lee’s Noodles are a restaurant-calibre meal with the convenience of an instant noodle. Add hot water, wait three minutes, chow down. Your three-hour food mission is reduced to a matter of minutes, and the best news? There’s no washing up to be done either!

There are six flavours to choose from, all of which gluten-free, so there are no worries of the kids getting bored. Every noodle is packed with premium freeze-dried ingredients, real meat and real veg (vegan options available) to give both yourself and your family the nutrition you each need, so there’s no compromise on healthfulness and there’s no compromise on taste, but suddenly you have your evening back to do with how you please. Children love the slurpability (definitely a real word, by the way), whereas parents can enjoy the authentic, gourmet flavours.

Use the time saved on cooking to play with your family or dog. Learn how to play an instrument or speak a foreign language. Go for a run, walk or ride a bike. Work on your novel. Call a friend. Or simply lie down in a dark room and relax. Whatever it might be, give yourself the time to explore what it is you love, and be able to give it the time you deserve. As we previously stated, putting in even as much as 15 minutes of exercise each day is enough to increase your lifespan, so is not worth making such a tiny change to save time to spend it where it counts?

Our vegan noodles can now be enjoyed in Holland and Barrett. The rest of the range is available on Ocado, Amazon, and on our very own online shop.


Mr Lees Team