New Brand, New Taste & New Places to Get Noodles!

New Brand, New Taste & New Places to Get Noodles!

Our brand new look...

From the beginning, Mr Lee’s Noodles has had a clear focus on creating the ultimate noodle, 0% nasty, 100% tasty. Though we started strong, we knew this would be a journey, and like a fine wine the ultimate gourmet oriental noodle has only gotten better with time. Ladies and gentleman, we would like to present to you the ultimate noodle: refined.

Lets start where your eyes will, the cup. Taste starts where your eyes first lie, that’s why we’ve completely overhauled our brand image and how our noodles look. Our new simplified design looks as tasty as our noodles do, and gives each one of our 6 flavours it’s very own personality. Speaking of which, lets talk flavour.

Pre-July noodles were a gently balance of flavours to tickle the palette, that is no more. Mr Lee’s Noodles’ new flavours are powerful, they’re gutsy, they’re here to challenge the idea that healthy doesn’t mean tasteless, more than ever before. All the flavours remain, there’s no need to mourn noodles of the past, however each one has been carefully renovated to reach it’s potential. Learn more about our brand new flavours here.

Trains, Planes & Awards...

So what else is new? We were voted Best Newcomer at The Vendies 2017! Amongst giants of the vending industry, our Kiosks more than held their own, showing people the future of vending machines.

We were also highly commended for Marketing Campaign of the Year and Product of the Year (For Mr Lee’s Noodles), giving us even more reason to shout from the rooftops about what we do...

…and that’s just what we’ve done! Using the Seedrs platform, we’ve been running a crowdfunding campaign to invite you to become part of our story. So far we’ve raised in excess of £380k to aid our mission in producing no nasty, pure foods. The best bit about our campaign? It’s still active. There’s still time to invest in Mr Lee’s and join our journey, and you can do so here.

Noodles go loco! From today three of our brand new flavours are hitting the tracks across the South West of the UK, with our new partnership with Rail Gourmet & South Western Railways. Hong Kong Street Beef, Coconut Chicken Laksa and Dragon Fire Vegetables will be available to purchase for lunch and dinner - ready to give all hungry mouths in the south-west a warm, nutritious and tasty meal on the train.

From the trains, to the planes. As of the 1st of August, our noodles take to the skies across Australasia & the Pacific! For all our friends on the other side of the world, we’re excited to announce Australia’s Jetstar Airlines will be serving our Hong Kong Street Beef noodles on all of their flights. Finally, a warm, gluten free meal to fill you up where the air is thin.

...The Future

Big things are on the horizon, and there’s plenty we want to tell you, but can’t just yet. As a company we have rebranded from Mr Lee’s Noodles to Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co, read into that as you will, and hopefully you’re just as excited about what that could mean as we are…

Mr Lees Team