Mr Lee’s World – The Beginning

Mr Lee’s World – The Beginning

Wow, where do I start? Only a few months ago I was meeting a few people at some coffee shops brainstorming our ideas on creating an amazing product and craving to be a part of something bigger, creating a place where everyone could be themselves, do what they love and do it well.

I had a vision and a head full of ideas and passion. We wanted to create noodles that were out of this world! Made from natural ingredients, gluten-free and without any nasties. A product that people would love and a company that others would want to be a part of - Mr Lee’s Noodles Company.

What we needed was a place where we could turn our vision into reality and share it with the world. But we didn’t want a normal, boring office, we wanted something different. Something exciting and unique! A place where we could feel free, write on walls, be creative and come up with ideas that would help us to become the best version of ourselves. So we went out and found it. The best spot in town, overlooking beautiful Bournemouth.

So how we are going to make it authentic and real? Hmm…lets make in an International, diverse office, the melt of oriental and European culture. Why not have a kitchen and a rooftop where we can invite local business people and students and motivate them to create an amazing local community? We’ll have loads of flowers, an amazing kitchen and the views, yeah the views! With energizing lemon grass in the air, overlooking beautiful gardens, we made it ours.

So, welcome to my world - sorry - welcome to our world. Now, I would like to open the door for you, so have a look at what we have created. I am so proud how far we have come in those short few months. Look at Mr Lee’s office now.

Next step, our presentation for Idea Works in Manchester. A chance to win a big contract, keep your fingers crossed!

Mr Lees Team