Ranges of uk Mr Lee's Noodles, Mr Lee's Porridge and Mr Lee's Congee

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods UK partners with Go2Grocery and FusionFSM

Mr Lee’s have recently partnered with Go2Grocery and FusionFSM to grow our sales and distribution across retail and foodservice in the UK.

With the range expansion and growth of the brand worldwide, we havedecided to search for partners to help us grow our business in the UK. “We are so excited about the new collaborative relationships with both FusionFSM and Go2Grocery” - said Holly Mikolajewski, Commercial Manager at Mr Lee’s. She continues, “Bringing these two leading agencies onboard will help push us to new heights and achieve the dreams of our late founder, Damien Lee. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Go2Grocery -part of the Ceuta Group - a global consumer brand services business, use a category-led approach to create actionable insight and secure listings. They are committed to protecting the environment and will integrate environmental considerations into the business decisions and adopt greener alternatives wherever possible. 

Working closely with Go2Grocery will allow Mr Lee’s to reach the heart of their consumer base placing their products in the right places both in-store and online.

Lucinda Williams, Sales Controller at Go2Grocery says; “Shoppers are looking for premium, healthy and high quality on-the-go solutions. Mr Lee’s offer consumers a healthy everyday option alongside some exciting new products and we look forward to bringing these tasty innovations to life.”

FusionFSM is the UK’s leading dedicated Foodservice Sector Sales, Research, Marketing and Business Development company. Working at the very heart of the UK foodservice sector, they specialise in identifying and maximising the business’ opportunities for food and beverage products. 

Anne Wright, Commercial Director at FusionFSM commented; “Our clients, based in the UK or overseas, are world famous brands. Mr Lee’s has an exciting range of products for the food service sector, in particular targeting the Grab and Go and travel sectors within foodservice.”

The appointment of 2 sales agencies comes alongside the permanent price reduction on our rice noodle range in the UK. As we continue to grow, this reduction sits alongside the introduction of more product ranges in the UK and recent international expansion to the USA, allowing Mr Lee’s to reduce the price by 10% from 2nd August 2021.

Mr Lees Team