Mr Lee's Porridge and Mr Lee's Congee pots on a pink background

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods expands into the porridge market with sweet porridge and savoury congee

Author: Francesca - Mr Lee's Team

We are excited to announce that we are expanding into the porridge market! Our new ranges of oat porridge and congee - savoury rice porridge offer new healthy and no nasties on-the-go solutions.

The porridges, which are gluten-free, vegan and low in sugar, are the perfect option for a healthy breakfast and come in three flavours:

  • So Very Berry, a blend of three grains with real pieces of strawberries, raspberries and goji berries which will give you energy to start your day right.
  • Salted Caramel for those with a sweet tooth but still wanting  a healthy breakfast. A blend of three grains, naturally sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.
  • Finally, the Original flavour, a blend of three grains for a delicious traditional creamy porridge that you can tweak to your preferences.


The savoury instant rice porridges feature two flavours, Original Congee Rice Porridge (vegan option) and Chicken Congee Rice Porridge. The two different varieties of Mr Lee’s Congee are ready to eat in just four minutes and are made with authentic Asian-style flavours, natural ingredients and a unique grain blend. Low in sugar, gluten-free and made with absolutely no artificial ingredients, this brand new line of products can be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, snack or meal accompaniment.

Both these product ranges widen our variety, adding to our 6 noodles flavours, and allows us to satisfy consumers’ needs at any time of the day from breakfast through to lunch and dinner as well as morning and afternoon snacks.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer a new strand of product here at Mr Lee’s. I couldn’t be happier that I helped design these recipes with Damien and enter Mr Lee’s into the porridge sector.” - stated Andy Chu, Executive Chef at Mr Lee’s Pure Foods.

He continues: “These new ranges allow us to live up to Damien’s belief that we all have the right to quick, honest and tasty food and allow us to bring both congee and porridges to the world in a healthy and convenient format.”

Nowadays, many people struggle to prepare a proper meal due to lack of time. Mr Lee’s Porridge and Mr Lee’s Congee are a quick, honest and tasty option for those looking for convenient and nutritious food.

Are you wondering what congee is? You can visit our blog where we answer all of your questions around this traditional Asian porridge. Mr Lee’s Congee and Porridges are now available on our online store 

Mr Lees Team