Mr Lee’s Noodles take to the Skies

Mr Lee’s Noodles take to the Skies

Have you ever been thinking, why the food in the plane tastes different than on the ground? Why the chocolate bar you eat every day is not as tasty while in the skies?"

On average, modern-day planes can reach altitudes of 35,000 feet with relative ease, but are pressurised so passengers feel as if they’re 8,000 feet high. This is so they can breathe easily, but it reduces the sensitivity of taste buds, resulting in bland tasting food. This is where oriental flavours shine in on-board catering, with their punchy spices and strong senses of both sweet and sour.

The humidity in the plane’s environment is typically 50% lower than at home. This dries out your mouth, but more importantly, dries out your nose, weakening your sense of smell. Smell being 80% of your sense of taste, means that this is far less than gastronomically ideal.

One of the onboard selection of products - instant noodles, especially those that are made with a soup base, release moisture into the air, full of flavour. After the nose being deprived of moisture and smell for what could be hours, this results in an intense kick of flavour to the consumer and helps ease irritation caused by lack of humidity, resulting in a taste experience like no other.

Mr Lee’s Noodles has recently teamed up with Australia’s Jetstar Airlines to bring tasty, warm, gluten-free noodles to all their airline passengers throughout the skies of Australasia and the Pacific! Low in calories, salt, sugar and saturated fats, Mr Lee’s ‘Hong Kong Street Beef’ is the ideal in-flight meal for those wanting something healthy and wholesome.

“Being an expat Aussie myself, it feels great to know that my noodles have come home. Our new partnership with Jetstar Airlines will ensure that every single one of their passengers will be able to eat the healthiest gourmet noodle out there, a tasty warm meal to fill you up where the air is thin!” - said Damien Lee, the Founder and CEO of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods.

He added - “I think the airline catering industry has really got to a point now where they know, and anticipate, that they will have customers that will have certain dietary requirements, other than just a vegetarian option. Over the past two years gluten-free snacks have become more and more attainable whilst flying, but I believe our noodles are going to really mean that those with Coeliacs or other gluten intolerances will have an in-flight meal that’s not ‘just another tasteless alternative’, but instead a desirable bit of nosh that will bring the same flavour-filled goodness as everything else on Jetstar’s menu.”

As part of their brand new range of flavours, Mr Lee’s ‘Hong Kong Street Beef’ will tickle the palette of many, and leave the stomach feeling full, but comfortable. Unlike other instant noodles, their ingredients include chunky bits of freeze-dried meat and veggies, meaning all of the nutritional value is locked and given to the customer with each bite.

Whilst Jetstar brings you the horizon, let Mr Lee’s Noodles make your taste buds fly with their gluten-free, gourmet oriental noodles.

Mr Lees Team