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Meet the team behind Mr Lee’s

Whether you are a regular Mr Lee’s customer, you’ve just recently discovered us or you have just landed on this blog post, you might be wondering who is behind this amazing brand of on-the-go foods? Who is in charge of creating the products and flavours? Who does the social content? Who deals with the blog? 

The truth is we have a great team of people behind the brand who work really hard and are great at what they do. Here are some of the members of the Mr Lee’s family. 


Andy – Executive Chef

Growing up in Macau is where my interest in all things food began. After trying and experiencing the different cuisines within Far East Asia as a kid, I came to the UK to challenge myself. This is where I graduated from Bournemouth and Poole College as a baker and a pastry chef. I then began working in the food industry from restaurants and takeaways, to becoming a food consultant at a local Chinese supermarket. In 2016 was when a man approached me about the idea of a healthy noodle in a cup format, something I have never heard before. This man was Damien Lee, where he offered the opportunity for me to explore all the knowledge I had gathered since I was kid - in order to create the products we have today. Each day my work differs, working as a team to explore new flavours and develop new products for our customers.


Kasia – Marketing & Communications Director

I started working at Mr Lee's as one of the first employees in January 2016. Before I joined, I used to work in a variety of different digital agencies in Bournemouth heading the SEO and content marketing departments after getting my master’s in Marketing and Management in Poland. I met Damien Lee at one of the charity events I had organised and fell in love with his idea of producing healthy noodles. He taught me that nothing is impossible and you can always find a way or have a lot of fun trying. It was a very refreshing outlook and that was what drew me to work with him the most. He created a work culture which everyone wanted to be a part of, full of empowerment and laughter, and I had to pinch myself sometimes if you can really love your job so much! We are a small team but have achieved a lot over the past 5.5 years and everyone has a sense of personal pride for being a part of it. Working for a start-up is the best experience in my professional life and the great memories will stay with me forever.


Ginny – Marketing Manager

I grew up wanting to be a star of the screen, dreams of being a Hollywood actress followed me around most of my childhood until reality hit. So I decided that if I couldn't be on the screen, I could work behind them, which lead me to study TV Production and brought me down to Bournemouth University. I loved the course and all the creativity that went with it.

After leaving Uni and being booted out into the big wide world to make my living, I found a love for marketing, and particularly marketing food and drink. So after working in various businesses in Marketing and studying for my Diploma with the CIM I have recently (last year) found myself at Mr Lee's, which I love, and really enjoy being part of a small dynamic team. I was completely drawn in by the passion Damien and the team had for the brand, and the feeling that the sky's the limit for Mr Lee’s and where it can go.


Martin - COO for Mr Lee’s Noodles Kiosk technologies

My love for food started when I trained to be a chef, in a 5-star hotel in London.  Although the working hours were brutal, so I moved into contract catering with Compass, and soon moved into vending with them. For the last 30 years, my life has been all about unattended retail, either in selling solutions, making new ones and understanding how to improve them. Four years ago, I bumped into Damien, after a client asked me if there was anything exciting happening in the market. Four years later we are on the verge of delivering on our dream. I say our dream as Damien made sure if we worked on something we needed to believe in it as well. It has been a bumpy road, as these things often are. However, I truly believe we will soon 'shake' up the convenience hot food market not only in the UK but across the globe. Not bad in 4 years, eh?


James – Design and Brand Director

I am a multi-disciplined designer, who has many years of experience in the design industry, specifically brand communication and brand strategy. I have worked within the finance, retail and telecommunications sectors, but now focus almost exclusively within FMCG, helping brands to get the best for their budgets with appropriate messaging, packaging and targeted marketing, amongst other aspects.

I joined Mr Lee's at the start of the journey, in early 2016 and really enjoy building a brand and seeing the reach it has today, helped enormously by a highly motivated and skilled team.


Francesca – Marketing & Communications Executive

I joined the Mr Lee’s Team a year and a half ago. I initially joined as Business Support Executive working a few days in the Finance Department and helping out in the Marketing Team. At that moment I was studying a master’s in Corporate Communications and now that I have completed the course I have fully transitioned into the Marketing Department. My main responsibility is the Mr Lee’s blog where I write weekly posts and I also take care of customer service issues. I have recently also started to work with influencers and create social media content.

I love working at Mr Lee’s and I am extremely grateful as I have been given the opportunity of trying many new things and experimenting. I have learned a great deal since I started,but I still feel there’s so much more to learn!


As you can see, there are a group of great professionals behind Mr Lee's. We are not only a healthy instant food business, our people are our strongest asset and we are extremely proud of the fantastic team we have. 

Mr Lees Team