Keeping Your Sugar Count Low on World Diabetes Day

Keeping Your Sugar Count Low on World Diabetes Day

On the 14th of November 2016, millions of people worldwide will be coming together for ‘World Diabetes Day’, an annual celebratory event that aims to “keep eyes on” spreading awareness and improving the diagnosis process for pre-diabetics. The cause was started in 1991 by the WDF (World Diabetes Federation) in response to growing scares and concerns about the escalating health threats posed by diabetes, particularly in young people. As the oldest known human disease, it’s alerting to find that 1 in every 2 adults with diabetes are still undiagnosed, and if this continues to be the case, many more sufferers will be left to the dangerous, progressive nature of the disease.

But there is good news. At Mr Lee’s Noodles Company, as being a certified ‘low in added sugar’ brand with Sugarwise UK, we are particularly concerned with the amount of sugar that goes into our food. We are not the only food company fighting the war against sugar, and with some simples changes to a person’s diet, many of these repercussions associated with an over-indulgent attitude can be avoided.

Here are a few simple ways to keep your sugar count low:

  • The first step is always the hardest. What’s the best way to keep your sugar count low? Remove the temptation and buy sugary products! Put them off site, and out of mind. Clear your cupboards, desk and hiding places.
  • Replace white refined sugar with stevia, maple syrup or agave syrup in your tea, coffee and cereals.
  • Swap sugary snacks for naturally sweet snacks like berries, crudités of vegetables and hummus dips that are full of flavour, swap sugary drinks for diluted juices, herbal teas and coconut water.
  • Make it a habit to read the labels in products with hidden sugars like sauces and dressings. Buy products that are lower in sugar naturally or just wean yourself off the products.
  • Learn the other names for sugar like dried cane syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose and molasses to always know what you are eating..
  • Use a variety of natural flavours in place of sugar eg. vanilla bean or citrus and spices like nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon.
  • Be aware of artificial sweeteners like aspartame (NutraSweet), sucrolose (Splenda), acesulfame K (Equal) and saccharin (Sweet n Low).
  • Reduce your alcohol intake...Speaking of empty calories! For those of you who drink, alcohol is enjoyable but drinking too much can lead to serious health problems and unwanted weight gain.
  • Follow and implement the 80%-20% rule. Just make 80% of everything you eat really healthy, and in the 20%, choose foods that you may consider treats. Be honest though, you’re only cheating your own health!

Remember, it take about 7 days for the taste buds to adjust, and about 60 days to break a habit - so will power is essential and we promise the results will be worth it. Let’s try and reduce the risk of Diabetes and other diet related illnesses together.

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Mr Lees Team