How Hotels Should Use Instant Noodles to Support Tourists

How Hotels Should Use Instant Noodles to Support Tourists

A recent article in The Times has shouted about the importance of instant noodles being readily available in hotel rooms up and down the UK. It states how tourists travelling to the UK from China have increased from just 500 in 1996, to a predicted 500,000 by 2026, and calls for pot noodles to be the homely sight they’re met with as they walk into their hotel rooms.

As you can imagine, here at Mr Lee’s we love that this message is finally getting out, but rather than just add to the noise, we want to educate you. This post is going to be all about how to present noodles correctly, how to work around allergies, and how simply sticking a single flavour of noodle is no match to providing a choice of tasty, authentic noodles.

Why Noodles?

Imagine you’ve just landed in a foreign country after a long flight. You’re on holiday, but before you can relax and explore you’ve got to get you and your bags from the airport, through a confusing transport system, that you have no familiarity with, all the way to your hotel to try and speak to someone in a language you don’t fully understand. You’re lead to your room, the door closes behind you, you throw your bags to the floor and reach for the kettle…

The quintessentially English thing to do would be to make yourself a cup of tea. It’s a comforting feeling of home, immediately putting your mind and body at ease in the middle of your strange surroundings. It’s a little piece of home that has come to be expected in hotels all around the world, and (as said in this post from The Express) noodles mean just the same to Chinese tourists.

Noodles are an essential ingredient and staple in Asian cuisine. Their form differs greatly dependant on where in the continent they are produced, with shape and width varying on how they’re prepared. Ingredients and flavours vary also, giving many different tastes across the different regions. These thousands of flavours are where we took our inspiration for our six cups, trying to give as broad a diversity of these tasty concoctions as possible.

Which Noodles?

There’s instant noodles, and then there’s instant noodles. Whereas most use dehydrated flavourings, Mr Lee’s use freeze-dried ingredients, meaning all the ingredients taste fresh and create a balanced flavour across all our noodles. The use of dehydrated flavourings renders the taste as a single, over-saturated salt bomb to the mouth, whereas our freeze-dried ingredients resemble that more of a home-made, fresh and tasty meal, taking the person eating it right back to where the flavour originated.

Pair our authentic taste with the fact that we are one of the healthiest noodles on the market and, to put it simply, we really believe we’re perfect for hotels everywhere. Food allergies and intolerances are covered too, with all our flavours being gluten free, and two dairy-free, vegan-friendly options too - we have a noodle for everyone!

Perfecting the Noodle Experience

To use the tea metaphor again, we all have a favourite mug, right? There’s that one that’s exactly the right colour, weight, that holds just the right amount, and never sits in the cupboard as is in constant use, the mug that is most loved. It transforms the tea it holds from ‘just a drink’, to something far more than words would ever allow us to describe. It’s no secret that presentation, and how something is served, can transform it into something better, and you don’t have to do an awful lot to do the same with instant noodles.

Let’s start with something simple, and that won’t cost the earth to supply. You wouldn’t eat a sausage with a spoon, so why should chopsticks not be provided when eating pot noodles? It’s just a simple little touch that boosts the feeling of home to the customer. There’s two forms, disposable and re-usable, there’s pros and cons to both, but two quality chopsticks do make the difference.

The next item that will make a huge difference is another simple one: give them a bowl. Decanting the noodles into a bowl makes the whole experience so much more home-made, and makes the food feel more like a meal than a quick snack, inducing a relaxing mood to help the individual feel comfortable and ready for bed.

Finally, and this is for the pro’s, you can customize the experience. Put a small sachet or bottle of something like sesame oil, tamari soy sauce or chilli oil, so that each flavour can be altered to the taste of the consumer. Everyone’s taste buds are different, and this little touch, though slightly more work to maintain, will really impress.

And that’s it. That’s how to elevate the noodle experience, to make any noodle-loving individual feel right at home in your hotel. To take a quote from The Times article, “Kissing and hugging are not a common form of greeting with the Chinese”, but the act of going the extra mile to ensure their comfort through food… Well, that goes a long way.

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