Give Your Body a Mini Reset with a 3 Minute Smart Break

Lunch breaks in North America are quite rare. According to a recent survey by Tork, 13% of North American workers feel their co-workers will judge them for taking lunch breaks and almost 20% were concerned their bosses would perceive them as not working hard.

Research suggests this perception should change. That a break should be seen not as a hurdle to productivity, but as a ‘re-charge’. Dan Harris, who has a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is lead researcher at Quantum Workplace says that research supports the idea that work breaks should instead be embraced as part of employee wellness. Studies show that breaks can enhance work engagement and concentration and lower exhaustion and fatigue. So maybe we should all just give ourselves a break??

If you are on your lunch break or just taking some time out between shifts or feeds, then Mr Lee’s Noodles are a fantastic solution to nourish your body. Made with premium ingredients, certified low in sugar and gluten free with absolutely no nasties, you just need some hot water and a fork or chopsticks to get ready to tantalise your taste buds!

Whilst you are waiting just the three minutes it takes for your noodles to be ready to devour, why not ‘break smarter’ and have an overall ‘reset’ with some of our simple ideas below. We know three minutes might not sound like a lot, but don’t forget that it is life’s little moments that add up to big things!


1. Guided Meditation

The benefits of meditation are well documented and although it might seem like something you don’t have the time or space to do, there are numerous resources that show that fitting in even just three minutes of meditation to your day can make a real difference to your wellbeing. To help you find that little piece of calm why not check out the 25 best meditation resources.


2. Watch a TED talk©

TED talks have certainly gained popularity and created a lot of buzz, especially around students in recent years. They are powerful short talks that condense ideas. These 3 minute ‘snack-sized’ talks are designed to provoke thought and inspire. A ‘smart break’ can just be one that stimulates the brain in a new way. Change is as good as a rest for your mind too!


3. The Art of 'Resetting'

This is a 3-step method (by Declan Wilson) that you can do in three minutes and he claims, ‘will change your life’.
Step 1: Pause for 1 minute Don’t think, don’t act. Just Pause.
Step 2: Reflect on something good for 1 minute. Reflect on something good that has happened to you today. The purpose being to shift your mindset to seek good.
Step 3: Focus entirely on your ONE thing for 1 minute. Whether it’s spending quality time with a spouse, or writing an email, or painting, there must be one thing facing you at the end of this timer. Then get to work.


4. The 3 Minute Desk Workout

Did you know that office workers may burn up to 1,000 calories fewer per day than agricultural workers? Known as Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), the lack of which is an important risk factor for weight gain*

With the sedentary lifestyle being likened to having the same damaging effects on your long-term health as smoking, desk exercises are a great way to combat this health hazard. 

If you can and prefer to get away from your desk and find the right space, there are many videos online that show you how you can easily do a stretching/yoga routine in 3 minutes, just search for ‘3 minute wellness’ videos.

Now you know that it IS ok and even necessary to take breaks, no matter what your lifestyle or environment. You are also hopefully armed after reading this with some practical ideas on how to refuel and re-energise too!

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Mr Lees Team