Father and son at the beach enjoying pots of Mr Lee's Noodles

Father’s Day 2021: celebrating all fathers

With Father’s Day just round the corner, it’s the perfect time to honour all those dads out there. From the traditional dads, stepdads and single fathers to the past, present and future dads as well as all those father figures and male mentors out there. No matter the circumstances, dads hold a special place in our heart. 

Whilst we should appreciate dads every day of the year, Father’s Day is an occasion to acknowledge what they mean for us and show them that we care. We thought we would dedicate this blog post to them by asking the members of the Mr Lee’s team to write a few words about their fathers.


Ginny - Marketing Manager

Dad - what a man! I'm truly one of life's lucky people to have a father like mine, happy-go-lucky, nothing's too much trouble, hard working and supportive. He's taught me so much, riding a bike, driving a car but he's also taught me so much about working life too. He always told me not to work in an office, so what did I do? Follow him into the world of grocery and work in an office of course! My favourite ever Dad quote (and there's a few) is 'may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits', I'm not sure where he got it from but I remember him saying it to this day and the powerful image it creates!

Francesca - Marketing and Communications Executive

My dad would always tell people how proud he was of me, but I am the one who is truly proud of having had him as a father. He is the person I admire most on this planet. He taught me so many important values and made me realise the importance of being a good human being. I will always remember the times we spent playing “princes and princesses” in the town square. I was the princess and he was the prince who had to break the spell and save me from a horrible ending. He was, is and always will be my pillar, my rock, my greatest support and my biggest help. I know he is always on my shoulder.

Holly - Commercial Manager 

There’s one father above all that I’d like to recognise this Father’s Day and that’s my husband! Luckily, he’s not my Dad – that would be a different kind of article altogether. He’s Dad to my two beautiful children and teaches me what fatherly love looks like. I come from a single parent household and have a very different idea of what a ‘Dad’ looks like, so to see how my husband adores these two tiny maniacs and endlessly gives himself to them warms this cynical heart into beating. Being there to show them what being a Dad today looks like, how that role isn’t hands off but actively involved in all aspects of their upbringing is a gorgeous thing to witness. Watching him with the greatest loves of my life makes me feel overwhelmingly grateful for the cards I’ve been dealt, I may not have had it growing up but I’ve found it and can give it to my children. No matter what happens, I know he will always be there for them and our family – he’s the best Dad and deserves to be celebrated this Father’s Day, in part for the reasons mentioned above, but mostly for his uncanny impressions of a t-rex.

Kasia - Marketing and Communications Manager

My dad taught me that no matter how far apart we are, laughter will always bring us closer. Thanks to him I learnt to laugh at myself. He always has my back, no matter what and will do everything to make me and my mum happy. I will always treasure our many talks about life, which in a span of 60 minutes would range between a variety of topics, from ruling emperors of Russia in XVIII century moving smoothly to currency investing in a post-covid world and then transitioning into a to phone helpline to investigate an issue and then walk me through a step by step manual stored in his head of how to change a broken part in my washing machine. He is my role model, my hero and best friend, and I love him to bits. Thank you for being the best dad in the world!

Mr Lees Team