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A day in the life of a foodie influencer - The Yummie Diaries

If you love food, you probably follow some foodie influencers on social media. Their pages are a great way to get cooking inspiration, restaurant recommendations and product reviews. Although you get a glimpse into their life and food habits, what does being a foodie influencer actually involve? How do they manage their accounts? How do they plan content? 

We spoke to Nikita from @theyummiediaries, whose foodie Instagram has now got a following of almost 8,000 people, about her life as a foodie influencer. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Nikita, I’m 25 years old and I’m originally from a town just outside of Cardiff in South Wales. However, I’m now currently living in Lincolnshire with my boyfriend. 

2. Tell us more about your social media account

My Instagram account @theyummiediaries is based on ALL things food. From restaurant reviews and home cooking to local takeaway recommendations and brand collaborations, it has you covered!

3. When did you start the page and what inspired you to create it?

I started the page in February 2019 as I’d been spamming my personal account with food photos for far too long! I really just wanted all of the photos in one place so I could stop annoying people on my personal Instagram.

4. What is its main objective?

The main objective of TYD is to make people HUNGRY! Jokes aside, it’s to showcase Lincoln and Cardiff eating out spots with a sprinkle of home cooking inspiration! 

5. Is this your main source of income?

Nope. I really hope one day it could be but for now, this is more like a hobby, it’s not very often I make money out of this page, it’s usually a case of free food in return for a review. I’m a software developer by day and food blogger by night! 

6. What do you enjoy the most about having this platform?

I enjoy how much this page continuously introduces me to new friends and likeminded foodies. I also love the collaborations I get to do with some of my all-time favourite brands, it’s really amazing to be chosen to collaborate with brands I have loved for years!

7. Tell us about your average day as a foodie influencer

My daily routine always involves some kind of blogging work but, with working full time, I don’t get to spend half as much time on it as I would like to!

I normally wake up at 7am and prepare and edit some food photos so that they are ready to go. I then have breakfast, which is never very instagrammable during the week, as my days are pretty slapdash. I start work at my main job at 8.30am and I normally put out some new content on my account between 10-11am. 

I have a quick lunch at around 12pm. Again, something quick and not too instagrammable. My afternoons normally consist of organising PR work, setting up backdrops and taking hundreds of photos in preparation for editing. I also research brands I’ve received PR packs from or I'm currently working with and make notes.

I then cook tea for me and my boyfriend and after having dinner I write 1 or 2 posts in Space App and save them in my notes for future posts. Before going to bed I watch some TV with a cup of tea to wind down.

8. How do you get inspiration for your content? 

To be honest I don’t really struggle for inspiration a lot as my life literally revolves around my next meal! I’m prolific for planning meals and getting excited about them as far as weeks in advance ha! A lot of foodie accounts do inspire me to switch up my content though, one in particular is @littlewelshfoodie - her bakes look unreal and make me want to bake waaay more! I also follow so many foodies on TikTok that give THE best foodie inspiration when you feel like you need to try something new. @letsmunch is amazing at what he does, every single dish he creates makes my mouth water. Another foodie I follow on TikTok is @haribeavis who specialises in hearty home cooked family meals, lots of ideas to take away from her videos and she’s also guilty of making you crave a lasagne at 9:30 in the morning. And last but not least @whatiateforbreakfast (on insta and TikTok) has inspired my brunch dishes on more than one occasion! Who knew there were so many ways to make brunch?! She’s fabulous and well worth a follow. 

9. Are there any specific apps you use to edit or create your content? 

To be totally honest, Instagram editing tools serve me pretty well as all of my food photos are taken in natural lighting (when they can be!) so I tend to up the sharpness, contrast and brightness and that does the trick. On the days where my photo quality isn’t as great I do use an app called Snapseed which has all of the insta tools plus a whole lot more! I also use an app called Space to write my captions in advance and space them out correctly, then when I’m ready to post I copy directly from the app. It’s super handy!

10. Any advice for people who are just starting their adventure with a foodie account?

I started this page around 2 and a half years ago just for a bit of fun but it’s actually served me very well in the last year or so with lots of invites to restaurants, pr packages and sometimes even a little side income! It’s been totally amazing to have all of these opportunities through my passion for food! My advice to other foodie accounts just starting out would be to adopt your own style, don’t worry about what anybody else is doing, choose how you want your page to run and stick with it. I’d also say take food photos in natural light wherever possible as this makes the editing part a total breeze. Finally, invest in a backdrop for said photos. Mine cost under £10 on Amazon and for the days where I don’t have a suitable natural background, I pop my dish in front of this and it still gives me that clean cut shot that I need!


Influencer accounts of any type can prove very helpful as they create relatable content, build communities and provide free entertainment.  If you are looking for some foodie inspiration, on Nikita’s feed you’ll find a variety of content from restaurant recommendations and home cooking to recipe inspiration and product reviews, check it out!

Mr Lees Team