Warm bowl of comforting congee, a traditional savoury rice porridge with spring onions, grains and chicken

Congee: what you should know about this traditional Asian rice porridge

Author: Francesca - Mr Lee's Team

We are extremely excited about the launch of Mr Lee’s Congee in the UK. After our announcement, you may still be wondering: What is congee? Will I like it? What is congee good for? Why should I be eating it? Don’t worry, we answer all your questions in this blog post! 

What is congee?

Congee (also called konji, conjee, , juk, jok and jook) is a savoury rice porridge enjoyed by millions across Asia. This traditional pan-Asian staple food recipe is usually prepared with white rice -other grains and beans can be used- which is simmered in water or broth for a long period of time until it acquires a smooth and thick consistency. The meal can be either savoury or sweet and countless combinations of ingredients can be added.

The dish has many different variations across Asia and it can be compared to other traditional dishes around the world; risotto in Italy, arroz caldo in the Philippines, canja da galinha in Portugal and arroz caldoso in Spain. It even presents similarities to sweet dishes such as rice pudding.

Where did congee originate from?

The origins of this everyday Asian food are still unclear. Whilst some say it dates back to the Han dynasty around 220 B.C. others believe it was prepared for the first time during the Zhou dynasty in 1000 B.C.

Nonetheless, this dish has been present in Asian cuisine for years and it’s the one of the most consumed dishes in the continent. From Japan and Korea to Thailand and India, congee is Asia’s number one comfort food.   

How and when do I eat it?

In Asia, this rice-based savoury porridge is generally consumed as a breakfast but can also be served for lunch, dinner and even as a snack or meal accompaniment.

The dish stands out for its versatility as it can be served in many different forms. Depending on who prepares it, they might serve it plain or add pieces of chicken and fish, others might add eggs or a variety of vegetables and some might top it with a splash of soy sauce.

What health benefits does congee provide?

Congee has been considered to have medicinal properties and has been used as a health food for centuries. “Amongst its numerous benefits it nourishes the immune system, reduces inflammation and aids in digestive health. The multiple benefits it offers make it a perfect choice as part of a healthy diet " Lucy Baldwin, Nutritional Therapist.

Why Mr Lee’s congee?

Congee usually takes hours to cook from scratch and nowadays, many people struggle to prepare a proper meal due to lack of time. The two varieties of Mr Lee’s Congee; Original Congee Rice Porridge and Chicken Congee Rice Porridge are ready in only 4 minutes and are made with authentic Asian-style flavours, real freeze-dried vegetables and meat and a unique grain blend. Low in sugar, gluten-free and with no artificial ingredients, they are a quick, honest and tasty option for those looking for convenient and nutritious food.

Mr Lee's Original congee with grains

What do people think of Mr Lee’s Congee?

Mr Lee’s Congee has been available in Australia and the USA for over a year and we’ve received a lot of feedback since. Here are some of the comments our customers have sent in: 

"I never had congee rice porridge so I didn't know what to expect. I was blown away. It was so savory and flavorful, and the texture was creamy and perfect."

"I was expecting it to taste like other microwaveable soup that I've tried, but I was surprised because it was much more flavorful and fresh tasting than other instant soups I've tried."

"Usually instant products are overly salty and that is the primary flavor component. This was much better because there was a complexity of flavor beyond salt."

"This has quality ingredients. A lot of other food items like this have less healthy ingredients in them."

"A savory, umami rice dish that comes out super flavorful and creamy, and cooks in minutes."

"Wanna try something as good as homemade congee? Mr. Lee’s instant congee is one of the best yet tastiest congee that you can get without spending too much time to prepare."


Mr Lee’s Congee is now available in our online store and in vending machines at selected locations.

Mr Lees Team