Different types of sugar on serving spoons

Addressing sugar levels in sweet-tasting products

Author: Francesca - Mr Lee's Team 

Sugar intake is one of the biggest health issues in the UK, with the average person consuming more than the recommended 5% of total energy from free sugars. Experts warn that consuming too much can cause a range of health issues from obesity and diabetes type 2 to heart disease, cancer and digestive disorders.

Recommended sugar intake

Sugar occurs naturally in some foods such as fruit, honey and unsweetened smoothies, but a large part is hidden in processed foods and added to our diet. Even those products you may think don’t contain any sugar like supermarket pasta sauces, or those which are marketed as ‘healthy’ like sports drinks, low fat yoghurts, and granola contain a high amount of sugar.

Products containing free sugar

The Mr Lee’s Food Team have recently been working on new products (exciting, right?) and this has sparked-up interesting conversations around sugar. Although we’ve always aimed towards keeping our levels of sugar low, this has never been a difficult issue as our products haven’t been ones that typically require sweet tastes. However, sweetness plays an important role in our new food developments and this has required us to discuss this aspect in much more depth.

Working on how to keep sugar levels low without compromising on flavour has been a complex task. In order to acquire a sweet taste without the use of artificial sweeteners and maintaining our levels in line with Sugarwise criteria a range of aspects have had to be considered, from texture and colour to flavour, mouthfeel and viscosity and a wide variety of ingredients such as, coconut milk, freeze-dried fruits, coconut blossom sugar and desiccated coconut have had to be tested and retested. 

When developing our range of products we always thrive to use healthy and natural ingredients that offer nutritional benefits with no added nasties. Mr Lee’s Noodles are certified low in sugar by Sugarwise, with each cup containing less than 1.1g per 100g and these past few weeks we have been working hard to develop a sweet snack that is low in sugar whilst still guaranteeing the best flavours and quality.

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