The highest quality rice noodles

The best rice noodle nests in the world come from Vietnam. That’s a fact.

These are the only noodle nests we put in our cups, which we proudly pack here, in the UK.

So rest assured, our rice noodles didn’t start life in some dodgy processing plant in Slough, but were grown in the idyllic paddy fields of Vietnam.

Discover our 6 delicious noodle flavours below and chow down!

hong kong street beef rice noodles - gluten free cup noodles

Bold & vibrant beef rice noodles with broccoli, orange blossom honey, ginger & Chinese 5 spice.

Tuck in and feel like you’re in downtown Kowloon

tai chi chicken rice noodles - gluten free pot noodles

Soul-warming chicken broth rice noodles with broccoli, spinach, ginger & orange blossom honey.

Chow down for true taste-bud enlightenment

dragon fire vegetables miso rice noodles - gluten free vegan cup noodles

Hot & sour rice noodles with red miso, bamboo shoots, mushroom & tamari soy sauce. Vegan friendly.

Devour like a hungry dragon

Coconut chicken laksa rice noodles - gluten free instant pot noodles

Fragrant chicken curry rice noodles with coconut, cauliflower, green beans & turmeric.

Slurp down a broth fit for Budda

Zen Garden vegetable miso rice noodles - gluten free vegan pot noodles

Harmonious miso rice noodles with asparagus,
green beans, spinach & ginger. Vegan friendly.

Eat, and be at one with the universe

Warrior Fighting Shrimp tom yum rice noodles - gluten free instant pot noodles

Kick-ass tom yum rice noodles with shrimp, coconut, galangal, bamboo shoots & lemongrass.

Eat like a trooper

Our Noodle-osophy – Live better!

We love noodles but we’re also a company that loves good food. We love learning about food, talking about food, sharing food and, most importantly, creating those memorable experiences that food can provide.

Mr Lee’s was inspired by healthy eating and we know our food choices assist our everyday health, provide us with energy and can help to create a balanced lifestyle and culture.

That’s why we use the best available ingredients in all our products. All our food is free of hydrogenated fats and E numbers. And it always will be. 100% tasty, 0% nasty is our mantra.

We’re so excited to be able to share our products with you, help spread our Noodle-osophy and we encourage your feedback.

Healthy Eating facts

The Real Mr Lee

The tastier, healthier gourmet noodle.

Gluten free – yessiree.
Nothing artificial – we’re for real.
100% recyclable – green and guilt-free.
How noodles should be – you bet your taste buds.

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