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When it comes to writing these blog posts, we like to keep things fresh, try new things – the point of them is to entertain, inform and educate you fine people, create content that is[...]
Since day one, it has always been Damien’s intention to take Mr Lee’s Noodles down under. With the Australian market practically crying out for a healthier, more premium instant noodle and Damien having been born[...]
Meeting dietary guidelines seems to be somewhat of an impossible task here in the UK, according to multiple studies. The nation’s general intake of free sugars, salt and saturated fats are far beyond the recommended[...]
This post is one for the parents. One for the home chef inviting friends over. One for the scout leader, and one for, in a sense, anyone and everyone embarking on the exciting journey of[...]
If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn (and if you don’t, why not?) you’ll know that we recently announced our second major airline listing. Travel catering has been a focus for us[...]
To many people, jumping on a train without first having breakfast is a pretty normal thing to do. All bar certain areas of the underground, you’re most likely to happen across plenty of opportunities to[...]
A study carried out by ‘Wrap’, the UK’s waste and recycling advisory body, estimated that up to 4.4 million of the 7.3 million tonnes of household food waste thrown away per year could be perfectly[...]
Across the globe, there’s a serious lack of healthy nutrients being consumed by people of all shapes and sizes. Of course, the human body needs these vitamins and other nutrients to properly function, however people[...]
It’s been a little while now since we’ve dropped by with an update, and as expected, things are crazy here in the Mr Lee’s office! With launches right, left and centre and awards popping up[...]
It’s no groundbreaking piece of news to tell you that excess salt in the diet is incredibly bad for your health. Tales of high blood pressure and heart attacks are commonplace, but many believe these[...]
If there’s one truth worth telling these days, it’s that it’s incredibly easy to get busy-minded whilst doing a whole lot of nothing. Work pressures, family matters, push notifications, TV adverts, social media – you name it,[...]
February 16th marks the start of the Chinese New Year, one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated festivals both through history. An explosion of light, colour and sound, the event kicks off at the[...]
Whether you’re trying to spot out a flexitarian, or looking for a few tips on how to be a healthier vegan, we’ve posted all sorts here on the blog. What we haven’t had for a[...]
You’ve only got to have a quick google to get a glimpse of just how popular Tom Yum Soup really is. Pages upon pages of recipes, restaurant reviews – you name it, there’s “Tom Yum”[...]
Whilst having a walk around the coffee-shop-culture of the UK as of recent, you may have come across some particularly colourful-looking lattes being served to the people. First, it was bright green – the time of[...]
It’s 2018. A new start, a chance to try something new, and many people are doing exactly that by taking up the Veganuary challenge. 31 days, one diet: Veganism – the crème de la crème[...]
Picture the scene: Your child’s all grown up, has come back from university and you’re about to meet their significant other for the very first time. You want to impress them, make them feel included[...]
The momentum created by people wanting to eat healthier has built enormously throughout 2017, with people being far more up for trying new foods, cook for themselves and experiment with new ingredients and new diets[...]
There’s little in this life that go as well together as Coffee and Noodles do… According to coffee shops all over the country! Our healthier, gourmet-style noodles are finding homes across the UK in cafe’s[...]
It’s around this time each year that people around the globe start putting up tall spikey trees in their living rooms, covering them with small flashing LEDs, and placing round spherical objects and knick-knacks in the[...]
Black Friday. A day when people around the globe join in spirit to convince themselves it’s totally fine to buy a new TV and that the one they bought last year is just far too old now.[...]
There’s nothing easy about having a family member diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Once the initial healing process begins, and the ‘newness’ of the diet starts to fade, families are often left struggling to work out how[...]
Here at Mr Lee’s 2017 has been a year of rapid growth, with our award-winning noodles taking flight in Australia, travelling along the railways of the South-West and East-Midlands, and found all over the train platforms[...]
Here at Mr Lee’s we’ve spoken about the Vegan Diet many times, and most would agree that it’s an admirable lifestyle to lead. The key definition of the diet is to exclude all forms of exploitation[...]
The darkness of the night closes in day by day, as the aroma of pumpkins and all things spiced fill the air. Leaves crunch below as you walk home in the eerie light of the[...]
Known as the Swiss Army Knife of the plant world, the humble coconut provides high-calorie food, portable water, fibres that can be made into rope and a hard shell that can be turned into charcoal. Initially[...]
east midlands trains noodles
Many say trains and noodles are a match made in heaven, and whereas on a spiritual level we would probably agree, it was actually a match made in rural Japan. Though the main reason noodles[...]
September kick-started what’s quickly becoming known in the Mr Lee’s office as ‘award season’ for us healthy noodle folk. After an exciting year of innovating noodle-kind, working hard to kick off our new brand, exhibiting at[...]
It’s leading up to the 6th of October, and that can only mean one thing. Annually celebrated across the globe, noodle-lovers everywhere congregate to cause a ruckus over their treasured long, dangly food items. So for[...]
It was a gloomy London morning, as crowds started building for the second day of the UK’s leading trade show for food-to-go. Whereas some may have been tired from what had been a fantastic day previous, the[...]
The gluten-free diet has risen in popularity to an almost ridiculous level over the past three years, becoming a trend celebrity and social media culture have deemed fashionable. Ditching wheat, barley, oats, and rye has become[...]
Bamboo shoots, or more commonly known as ‘those crunchy things in my stir fry’, are a very overlooked ingredient when it comes to nutritional health values. Harvested when certain species of the Bamboo family are[...]
Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Reducetarian – These days there’s a diet to cater to anyone who wants to change the amount of meat and animal based consumption in their lives. Whether it’s purely a health-conscious choice,[...]
For the longest time, creativity and innovation of food has been a symbol of status in Thai culture. The Thai Royal Court have made more significant contributions to modern-day food culture than any other nation,[...]
miso noodles - gluten free cup noodle soup
Over 1,300 years ago, Buddhist monks introduced miso to the people of Japan, quite literally changing the diets of an entire nation. To this day Miso soup is consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is[...]
Gluten free rice noodles in hotel rooms
A recent article in The Times has shouted about the importance of instant noodles being readily available in hotel rooms up and down the UK. It states how tourists travelling to the UK from China[...]
veggie pot noodles - vegan instant pot noodle soups
The vegan diet has been shrouded by imagery of dreadlocks and sandals for a long-time now, but the general public are quickly realising the endless health benefits the diet has to offer, with any lasting[...]
pot noodles in the airlines - jetstar
Have you ever been thinking, why the food in the plane tastes different than on the ground? Why the chocolate bar you eat every day is not as tasty while in the skies?” On average,[...]
ginger in the instant pot noodles
For some, Ginger may need no introduction. It’s one of the world’s most impressive super foods, but is often only thought about during Christmas, to make things smell festive. Here at Mr Lee’s, we love[...]
healthy food on the go - mr lee's pot noodles
It’s far too easy to snack on unhealthy snacks whilst toing and froing from work. Studies by the Royal Society for Public Health have shown that, whilst commuting, individuals in the UK consume an additional[...]
Mr Lee's Pure Foods
Our brand new look… From the beginning, Mr Lee’s Noodles has had a clear focus on creating the ultimate noodle, 0% nasty, 100% tasty. Though we started strong, we knew this would be a journey,[...]
On the 1st of December 2016 Mr Lee’s Noodles Company joined the recipient roll of honours for the ‘Health & Vitality Honours Awards’, continuing an already fantastic successful year in terms of nationally recognised accolades.[...]
Of something which can only be described as the best way to keep your food fresh, freeze-drying is a modern food preservation method that’s innovating the market every day. It’s an exciting way to create[...]
On the 14th of November 2016, millions of people worldwide will be coming together for ‘World Diabetes Day’, an annual celebratory event that aims to “keep eyes on” spreading awareness and improving the diagnosis process[...]
On a week that saw Mr Lee’s attending one of the largest food on the go events in London, our stand out flavour the ‘Hong Kong Street Beef’ received its first major award, a silver[...]
With Chinese New Year fast approaching I found myself reflecting on the journey so far…It’s hard not to get too excited with our noodles almost ready for market! We have the office, a great, International[...]
Wow, where do I start? Only a few months ago I was meeting a few people at some coffee shops brainstorming our ideas on creating an amazing product and craving to be a part of[...]

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