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The Flexitarian, Pescatarian, Pollotarian, Vegan & Fruitarian Diets Explained

Picture the scene: Your child’s all grown up, has come back from university and you’re about to meet their significant other for the very first time. You want to impress them, make them feel included – so what’s better than a big family meal? There’s just one problem. You’re sat there making up your shopping […]

Is Gluten-Free Eating Enough to Reverse Gut Damage Caused by Coeliac Disease?

The gluten-free diet has risen in popularity to an almost ridiculous level over the past three years, becoming a trend celebrity and social media culture have deemed fashionable. Ditching wheat, barley, oats, and rye has become a desirable diet to be seen eating within, despite in some cases having no real need to do so. To […]