Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tom Yum Soup: The Food of Kings

For the longest time, creativity and innovation of food has been a symbol of status in Thai culture. The Thai Royal Court have made more significant contributions to modern-day food culture than any other nation, with some Kings even publishing their very own cook books. The royal family rely on this to set themselves above that of […]

Bamboo Shoots: The Natural Weight Loss Solution

Bamboo shoots, or more commonly known as ‘those crunchy things in my stir fry’, are a very overlooked ingredient when it comes to nutritional health values. Harvested when certain species of the Bamboo family are young, the shoots have been used to give additional flavour and texture to dishes since the days of the Tang […]

The Difference Between Veganism and The Plant Based Diet

Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Reducetarian – These days there’s a diet to cater to anyone who wants to change the amount of meat and animal based consumption in their lives. Whether it’s purely a health-conscious choice, an ethical decision, or simply just a way to tell your parents you can’t stand beef, there’s a diet out […]