Motorcycles & Noodles | Raising awareness for Prostate Cancer and Men’s Mental Health

There’s plenty of moments in life when you encounter things that probably shouldn’t go together, but somehow really, really do. Things like salt and caramel, ketchup and ice cream, or maybe even your grandma and the harmonica – but have you ever come across motorcycles and instant noodles? The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a one-day […]

Mr Lee’s Launches Down Under! Woolworths, Metro & More…

  Since day one, it has always been Damien’s intention to take Mr Lee’s Noodles down under. With the Australian market practically crying out for a healthier, more premium instant noodle and Damien having been born in Australia, it’s been a long time coming, and as a business we couldn’t be more excited with the […]

Don’t Let The Labels Trick You – BNF Healthy Eating Week 2018

Meeting dietary guidelines seems to be somewhat of an impossible task here in the UK, according to multiple studies. The nation’s general intake of free sugars, salt and saturated fats are far beyond the recommended levels, whilst the likes of fibre, fruit and vegetables simply aren’t making a big enough appearance in day to day […]

You don’t have to play food bingo when traveling by train! #AllergyAwarenessWeek

To many people, jumping on a train without first having breakfast is a pretty normal thing to do. All bar certain areas of the underground, you’re most likely to happen across plenty of opportunities to grab a quick bite to eat. What a lot of people don’t realise, however, is just how difficult it is […]

Cauliflower: Brain-boosting food

  Across the globe, there’s a serious lack of healthy nutrients being consumed by people of all shapes and sizes. Of course, the human body needs these vitamins and other nutrients to properly function, however people instead pick up sugary drinks and caffeine-filled beverages to battle the fatigue caused by a poor diet. Folk just […]

Parents, learn this one simple trick to make time for yourself

If there’s one truth worth telling these days, it’s that it’s incredibly easy to get busy-minded whilst doing a whole lot of nothing. Work pressures, family matters, push notifications, TV adverts, social media – you name it, we live in a noisy world that’s only getting louder. There are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, […]