Mr Lee’s and recycling

We take the issue of recycling seriously. So seriously, in fact we changed our cup suppliers from the most cost effective solution for us, to one with much stronger recycling values.

Our original cups were great for our product as they kept the noodles nice and hot and the cup had such great insulation that your hand didn’t get hot when you held them. But it wasn’t enough. We know the huge responsibility we have to our planet and firmly believe we can make a great product, supply it in a environmentally friendly package and still be cool enough to hold when it’s full of hot noodles.

Like when we source our ingredients, we looked far and wide until we found a solution that worked. So now, our cups are all widely recyclable. They’re the best solution we can find on the market right now. This means that, unlike the coffee cups up and down the high street, our cups can and are recyclable. We review this regularly and will always look for better solutions as the industry starts to catch up with consumers expectations.

We are also members of OPRL, an on-pack recycling label scheme that delivers a simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message on retailer and brand packaging to help consumers recycle more material correctly, more often. We would love to hear your more inventive ways of recycling a Mr Lee’s noodle. We’ve had people grow seeds in them and put plants in them for their office desk. We don’t mind what you use our cups for, but we do ask you recycle them properly.