Mixed Noodle Box (8 pack)

Mixed Noodle Box (8 pack) Mixed Noodle Box (8 pack)

Can’t decide which flavour? Try our mix noodle pack, 8 cups of tasty, gluten free noodles with 2 of each flavour; Hong Kong Street Beef, Coconut Chicken Laksa, Zen Garden Vegetables and Tai Chi Chicken.

Between 840-1067 Kj (depending on flavour), each cup weighs approx 430g when re-hydrated.

Low in sugar | gluten free | RSPCA Approved chicken in both chicken flavours | 100% real Aussie beef | Vegan Australia certified Zen Garden Vegetables flavour | real veggies | absolutely no nasties

No worries, eat happy!

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Mixed Noodle Box (8 pack)
Mixed Noodle Box (8 pack)

Coconut Chicken Laksa:

Rice Noodles (61%) (Rice, Salt, Sugar), Coconut Milk (12%), Free Range Freeze-dried Chicken (7.5%) (Chicken, Potato, Salt, Rosemary Extract), Chicken Flavour Stock (Natural Flavourings, Wheat Maltodextrin, Onion, Sugar, Sea Salt), Vegetables (Freeze-dried Cauliflower (1.5%), Freeze-dried Green Beans (1.5%), Dried Mung Bean Sprout), Spices (Sea Salt, Paprika, Turmeric, Chilli, Curry Powder, Smoked Paprika, Ginger, Garlic), Desiccated Coconut (2%), Shrimp Powder, Shallot, Roasted Onion, Potato Starch

Tai Chi Chicken:

Noodles (69%) (Rice, Salt, Sugar), Chicken Flavour Stock (Natural Flavourings, Salt, Sugar, Onion powder), Freeze-dried Chicken Breast (9%), Rice Flour, Freeze-dried Broccoli (2%), Soy Sauce Powder, Freeze-dried Spinach (1.5%), Freeze-dried Spring Onion, Ginger, Honey Powder, White Pepper.

Hong Kong Street Beef:

Rice Noodles (67%) (Rice, Salt, Sugar), Meat Flavoured Bouillon Powder (Yeast Extract, Maize Maltodextrin, Natural Flavour, Sea Salt, Sugar, Caramelised Sugar, Onion Powder), Freeze-dried Beef (9.5%), Freeze-dried Broccoli (2.5%), Rice Flour, Dried Carrot, Spices (Ginger, Anise Star, Garlic, Chilli, Black Cardamom, Black Pepper, Clove, Cassia, Coriander, Fennel), Honey Powder (1%), Freeze-dried Spring Onion, Chive, Apple Juice Powder, Orange Peel Powder.

Zen Garden Vegetable Miso:

Noodles (72%) (Rice, Salt, Sugar), White & Red Miso (18%) (Soybean, Rice, Salt), Freeze-dried Green Bean (2.5%), Freeze-dried Asparagus (2%), Freeze-dried Spinach (2%), Freeze-dried Cauliflower, Yeast Extract, Freeze-dried Ginger (0.5%).

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