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Award-winning gluten-free gourmet instant-noodles in a cup, Mr Lee’s Noodles are the market’s lowest in salt, sugar, saturated fats and calories, with no MSGs or other nasties. No worries, eat happy!

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Mr Lee’s are the 100% tasty, 0% nasty gluten-free gourmet instant-noodle in a cup. By providing one of the healthiest noodles on the market, our diverse range of flavours is an extension of our commitment to improving diets.

Our award-winning range of six authentic, oriental noodles are the market’s lowest in salt, sugar, saturated fats and calories, with no MSGs, artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings. We uniquely use freeze-dried ingredients to ensure that our product locks in most of the nutrients. Vegan options are also available.

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Mr Lee’s Pure Foods company is an award-winning, established brand of 100% tasty, 0% nasty gluten-free gourmet noodles in a cup. We are a Bournemouth based business, disrupting and innovating with the convenience and ready meals sector, providing a natural, healthier alternative to junk cup noodle products. Our overall mission is to help food consumers ‘eat smarter’, as seen through our commitment to inspiring a generation of health-conscious eaters.

Our diverse range of six flavours are all certified gluten-free and are the lowest in our category of salt, calories, sugar, saturated fats with no MSG’s, artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings. The business was started after CEO & Founder Damien Lee’s close call with cancer, in which he beat the illness through a strict raw-food diet. During this time he was unable to eat his one guilty pleasure: instant noodles. After researching the ever-expanding market he decided to create his own brand, but healthier – thus, Mr Lee’s Pure Foods was born.

No worries, eat happy!

  • Four awesome noodle flavours
  • Vegan-friendly option
  • All Gluten-free
  • Certified low in sugar
  • Low in calories (840-1076Kj)
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Absolutely no nasties

16Oz Flavours In Cup & In Bowl

Hong Kong Street Beef in bowl

Zen Garden Vegetable Miso in bowl

Tai Chi Chicken in bowl

Coconut Chicken Laksa in bowl

Mix pack (8 pack)

Meat lovers (8 pack)

Original Congee Porridge

Chicken Congee Porridge

Mix pack Congee (8 pack)

Hand holding Hong Kong Stret Beef 

Original Congee Porridge in bowl

Chicken Congee Porridge in bowl

Damien Lee (Founder)