What do “RSPCA Approved” and Vegan Australia certifications actually mean and why does it matter for us at Mr Lee’s?

We at Mr Lee’s always strive to use the finest ingredients in our products in order to offer our customers the best experience. From making sure our chicken - the most used meat in our ranges, is reared to RSPCA welfare standards, to addressing our customers dietary requirements by offering gluten free options and vegan certified products, we work hard to make sure your needs and preferences are met.  

It’s that time of year when you really start to think about where your meat comes from, and we wanted to explain why we at Mr Lee’s choose the “RSPCA Approved” chicken and the Vegan Australia certifications, and what these accreditations actually mean! 

What is the “RSPCA Approved” certification?

The RSPCA makes sure farms work towards improving the lives of their animals. According to their website, the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme “was developed to drive better welfare standards on farm and at slaughter for Australia’s most intensively farmed animals.”

Mr Lee’s range currently includes three products with chicken: Tai Chi Chicken, Coconut Chicken Laksa and our new Chicken Congee Rice Porridge, and the poultry we use in all of these products comes from farms participating in the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.

Why we choose “RSPCA Approved” chicken at Mr Lee’s

Rearing chickens in an environment that gives them a better quality of life is a big deal for us. The chicken meat used in Mr Lee’s has been raised on Australian farms, but more importantly, they are raised according to the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare standards and are visited regularly by an RSPCA Assessor to check standards are being met. 

Chickens on “RSPCA Approved” farms are encouraged to be active. They enjoy good lighting, perches, dry litter floor covering and space to move around. Whether raised indoors or with access to the outdoors, there’s a focus on meeting chickens’ behavioural and physical needs.

At Mr Lee’s it’s so important for us to know that the chicken that goes into our products in Australia is sourced ethically. Find out more about what it means to source RSPCA Approved chicken.

Vegan Australia Certification 

Interest in veganism is growing around the world and with an increasing number of Australians moving towards plant-based diets, it’s important for the food industry to offer options to those who follow this diet.

At Mr Lee’s we are happy we are able to provide assurance about how our food is being farmed and its suitability for vegans. Whether you have eliminated animal products from your diet or you commit to buying ethically sourced foods, we’ve got you covered at Mr Lee’s. 

All our vegan products have been certified by Vegan Australia. These include our Zen Garden Vegetable Miso Noodles as well as our recently launched traditional savoury Original Congee Rice Porridge. Wondering what congee is? If you want to learn more about it head to our blog post here.

What does having the Vegan Australia certification mean?

Vegan Australia’s program “sets standards for authentic vegan food and products in Australia” and its main objective is “to make veganism more available, convenient and accepted.” Having this certification on Mr Lee’s products not only provides customers with the confidence that our products and processes do not involve any type of animal ingredients, but it also makes it easier for them to find products they can eat, making their shopping experience much simpler.  

Natural and ‘no nasties’ ingredients have always been at the heart of Mr Lee’s and although many of our products include meats, we also understand the importance of addressing a wide range of other preferences amongst the public. 

Keep any eye on the Vegan Australia Facebook page this January for our “Veganuary competition” for a chance to win Mr Lee’s vegan options!

Make sure you check out our vegan products and our chicken flavour noodles in your local Harris Farm Markets supermarket or, alternatively, order on Amazon or on our online store.

Mr Lees Team