We've Got News! Virgin, Amazon & More

We've Got News! Virgin, Amazon & More

Take to the skies! Mr Lee’s range of passenger pleasers have landed on Virgin Australia, the largest airline in the brand. 

Our perfect for the plane flavours are no strangers to the air, available across the world through carriers including EasyJet in the UK and Norwegian Airlines. We’ve found that the airline catering industry is better than ever, improving the variety of exciting offerings, addressing dietary requirements, and giving opportunities to challenging, innovative brands to be exposed to thousands of happy flyers. Mr Lee’s is already joining a retail menu bursting with healthful snacks and drinks

Founder Damien Lee had this to say:

“I think the airline catering industry has really got to a point now where they need to address certain dietary requirements, other than just a vegetarian option. Over the past years gluten-free options have become more attainable whilst flying,  but instead of just another tasteless alternative, our noodles will bring an option uniquely crafted from authentic recipes, created by our team of Asian innovators”

“Our new partnership will ensure that every single one of their passengers will be able to eat the healthiest gourmet noodles out there, a tasty warm meal to fill you up where the air is thin!

Our Hong Kong Street Beef noodles will be available as a part of Virgin Airlines onboard menu on the UK routes from the 9th of  October 2019 and we look forward to an ongoing partnership to achieve our goal of putting healthier, better foods in the hands of airline passengers everywhere.

Noodle Fans Rejoice! Mr Lee’s are now Available on Amazon AU

Good news Australia! Mr Lee’s has now joined Amazon AU, the company’s fastest growing marketplace worldwide. 

Launched in December 2017, Amazon has become a major player in the Aussie online retail space, the company’s second ‘Prime Day’ event in July generating an estimated $2m in revenue! It’s a fantastic place for emerging brands to introduce innovative foods to the public, and we’re excited to bring our products off the web and into your hands.

Although most of our down-under friends live in urban, South Eastern coastal-cities, 80% in-fact, we’ve been on a mission to make sure that noodle-lovers nationwide would have access to a healthy, guilt-free lunch option direct to their front door. The UK has shown a lot of Amazon noodle love to-date, so with major cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane Perth and more now able to get involved, our distribution couldn't be any better.

Having a lazy weekend at home, or want to be next week's hero of the office? All four of our flavours can be purchased individually or in a multi-pack of eight on Amazon right now. Noodle-fans rejoice!


Goodness Me and Retreat Yourself - A Noodly Surprise in Every Box


There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing noodle-lovers across the world enjoy our flavours for the first time. It's the reason why we do what we do, giving the world a better for you option that can have a real place in the daily routine - and all the while without the nasties and the guilt. 

Being your go-to healthy lunch option is our priority, and with the help of national subscription box partners, thousands of our noodles have have flown through the doors much to the happy surprise of their fantastic audiences.

Retreat Yourself Box

In the words of Georgia from @servingwithabalance, Retreat Yourself is “Helping Australians find the healthiest & most fulfilled version of themselves by eliminating the need to go on a health retreat to live with a health & happy mind & body”. Inspiring 1000’s of women to prioritise YOU is their goal, and we have loved hearing how our products are supporting ambitious women to focus on self-care and set time aside for themselves to enjoy good foods.

The Team at Retreat Yourself had this to say:

These noodles were designed to get rid of all the nasties found in mainstream noodle cups, yet still taste delicious (especially for an arvo snack.

Just straight up delicious. And they totally mean you can re-introduce noodle cups back into your life (after banishing them due to not knowing what you're putting into your body!).”

Retreat yourself boxretreat yourself 2 

We also had lots of positive comments from the Retreat Yourself family:

I love the flavours and concept...My partner loved them” - @juanita_heart

Yumm this sounds delicious” - @feedthatblonde

Goodness Me Box

We’re loving our partnership with the ‘zero nasties delivered right to your doorstep’ Goodness Me Box, and we think @petiteelise summed it up perfectly, “Packed with so many healthy goodies and vegan products to try - it was such a lovely reminder to take some time out for myself, as well as giving me the opportunity to test out new Aussie products”

goodness me

The Team at Goodness Me had this to say:

Hands up if you loved 2 minute noodles as a child? I know I did! We FINALLY found a healthier option. Has anyone tried these?? Mr Lee's Noodles Garden Vegetable Instant Noodle Pot’s 

They are gluten free, vegan, low in sugar and saturated fats, with no MSGs, artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings!

They make a really quick desk lunch for busy work days. I literally heat the kettle, add some boiling water, stir and wait a few minutes before tucking in. Sometimes I like to add extra veggies and tuna when I’m extra hungry.

We also had lots of positive comments from the Goodness Me tribe:

can’t wait to try!!” - @wishing___well

I can’t wait to try it!” - @ispyplumpie

A big, big thanks to @retreatyourself_box and @goodnessmebox for their fantastic campaigns over the past few months. It’s been a fantastic journey watching all your smiling faces whilst getting the very best feedback on our noodle surprise. We can’t wait to see more.

Mr Lees Team