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USA Launch, Foodbank Donations, Noodle Deals, Meat Lovers Box and more...

At Mr Lee’s we’ve worked hard to roll with the punches during these tricky times for everyone. We’re fortunate to have a great team who have adapted quickly to working from home, and a nutritious ambient product which many people are now turning to as their new cupboard staple. We know we’re lucky in this sense, and have been busy bee’s making it all happen. So what has been happening in the last few months?

Going Global

For starters we are now officially producing our award winning noodles on 3 continents (Australia, Europe and the USA). Our production facilities in the US went live in April and we are excited to announce we are now available on the shelves of Whole Foods Market stores in 42 states with four flavours: Coconut Chicken Curry, Tai Chi Chicken, Hong Kong Street-Style Beef and our vegan option, Zen Garden Vegetable Miso. 

“This is a huge milestone expansion for us. I can still remember over 4 years ago when I told the first team members this brand will be "going global not local" and we hadn't even made our first cup of noodles.” said Damien Lee, Founder and CEO of Mr Lee’s.

If any of you are reading this in the US and are unable to get to a Whole Foods store right now, we’re also selling on our online store.

Help on the frontline

At the beginning of April we launched our “When you Buy, We Give” campaign. For every case of noodles bought on our website during April, May and June, we are donating a cup of noodles foodbanks in Australia and good causes in the UK.

Throughout April and May we’ve given away over 21,000 cups between the UK and Australia, of which 1,230 cups have been donated to Foodbank Victoria, with plenty more to come!

Damien Lee, Founder and CEO of Mr Lee’s said: “With many people struggling to access basic supplies and foodbanks having difficulties to provide food during the coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to help as much as we could during these unprecedented times.”

Damien has also personally donated some noodles to support the specific hospitals he’s been treated in recently in order to support doctors and nurses working relentlessly during this pandemic. We have also donated thousands of noodles to good causes - read more here

*NEW* Meat Lovers Box

We are really excited to offer our Meat Lovers Box. If you are a meat and noodle lover, this mix box has you covered!

Enjoy 4 cups of our bold and vibrant Hong Kong Street Beef, inspired by the street vendors in downtown Kowloon, 2 pots of our soul-warming Tai Chi Chicken and 2 pots of our award-winning fragrant Coconut Chicken Laksa with chicken, coconut, cauliflower and turmeric. Proudly packed in Australia with generous chunks of Aussie chicken and beef, meat-fans rejoice! And all gluten free too!

On the Big Screen

Damien and his family have also recently taken part in Rich House, Poor House where they swap houses and lifestyle with another family. The programme aired on Channel 5 in the UK. One thing the family took away from their experience was just how expensive it can be to eat healthy. When Damien was first diagnosed with cancer he realised how important eating healthily was, which led to the development of Mr Lee’s Noodles. This experience has shown him the importance of making healthy nutritious food available to all, which has spurred new product development ideas here at HQ! You can watch it here.

Free Shipping in June

Who doesn’t love noodles delivered free?

We’re offering free shipping throughout June, just use code MLFREESHIP at the checkout.

Stay Safe

We really hope you’re all safe and well whether you’re staying home or out doing important work during this really uncertain time for us all. We want you to know that we’ve taken steps to keep our staff safe and we are all home working, our noodles are in great supply and we’re working hard to improve our online sales resources to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Mr Lees Team