Snorkel and Slurp – Tasty Noodles for Island-Hopping in Oz

Snorkel and Slurp – Tasty Noodles for Island-Hopping in Oz

Guest post by Melanie Campbell

Forget about ‘surf and turf’, its all about snorkel and slurp! On our Australian adventure that included island-hopping and snorkelling, we found the ultimate travel companion in a Woolworths supermarket.

At the end of last year (2018) my husband Andy and I did the married couple’s version of a ‘gap year’, it involves begging your respective employers for as much time off as you can haggle (three weeks it seems is the going rate/limit) and then planning an adventure on the other side of the world. Seduced by the dreams that you’ll have unique experiences, find exotic surroundings, take pics of your toes ‘for the gram’, feel eighteen again and for a while at least, suspend the notion of ‘adulting’.

In theory, this is fantastic, in your imagination you’ll be young, reckless, sleep on the sand under the stars, you’ll go wild and live out of your suitcase, maybe you’ll even get that tattoo you’ve been telling yourself you’ll get for the last eight years?

But in reality, you’re not eighteen any more, you’re experienced now, and a henna tattoo seems the more likely, less permanent option. You are conditioned to be responsible and you just can’t fight it, you know exactly where you are going on your ‘spontaneous adventure’, your itinerary is planned within twenty mins of its life and instead of sleeping on the sand, you will be safely tucked up in the hotels, motels, boat cabins and island villas you have extensively researched and pre-booked via a well-known (booking dot com) site.

The same sensible part of your ‘adulting’ brain kicks in when you are running around a supermarket (Woolworths) in Australia trying to work out what you’ll need for the next few days. Your primitive needs kick in and your overriding desire is to make sure you can eat!

After some time spent in Sydney and the Daintree Rainforest, we knew we’d be leaving the ‘mainland’ on our island-hopping trips to Fitzroy Island, Lady Elliot Island and cruising around the Whitsundays on a catamaran. We’d planned our trip, so we could indulge as much as possible in our favourite past time, snorkelling.

This meant when looking at our options in Woolworths we knew we needed something we could keep with us on-the-go that would be both tasty and filling but didn’t need refrigeration. Looking in the dried foods isle, we were pleased to see ‘Mr Lee’s Noodles’ on the shelf. Being from Bournemouth in the UK, it is a brand we are very familiar with, with Mr Lee’s having headquarters in our hometown. We knew the instant rice noodles had ingredients and quality we can trust, as the packaging says ‘no nasties’, that they are gluten free and also have vegan options. We took a few noodle cups (my favourite miso noodle soup Zen Garden Vegetables and Coconut Chicken Laksa noodle pots) as part of our shop and were on our way…

Our island adventures did not disappoint! Snorkelling with turtles, rays and sharks are magical experiences, definitely #travelgoals, but you work up a heck of an appetite and we found that being able to get back to our villa, just pop the kettle on and have a warm, delicious and nutritious meal in minutes was so convenient. We can highly recommend Mr Lee’s instant noodles as the perfect travel companion. On-the-go food that you can trust, whether you are backpacking or island-hopping!

To order your noodles now, go to our online shop. No worries, eat happy!

Mr Lees Team