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Three bowls of congee topped with extra ingredients, tuna, Thai meatballs and beef on a green background

3 ways of taking your congee to the next level

Our warm creamy congee is the perfect lunchtime snack for those who don’t have time to meal prep, but if you actually do have time to cook, you may want to know what toppings you can add to it to take it to the next level. Here are three ways our Executive Chef Andy Chu tops our Original Congee.
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Pieces of Korean Sticky Chicken served in two bowls with a glass of water

The Noodle Cookbook: Healthy 'Fried' Korean Sticky Chicken Recipe

Learn how to make our sticky chicken a makeover. Our healthy version provides a crunchy Korean fried chicken hit without the greasy comedown and it comes with a fabulous moreishly tangy sauce. It’s so good you could put it on cardboard and it would still be gorgeous. *Caveat our lawyers recommend not putting the sauce on cardboard and eating it.

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Hong Kong Street Beef noodle soup

The Noodle Cookbook: Hong Kong Street Beef recipe

We are proud to announce the launch of The Noodle Cookbook which is part of the incredible legacy Damien has left Mr Lee's to release. Damien’s passions ran deep and wide, he was never afraid of trying new things and he recently decided to venture into the world of food writers with The Noodle Cookbook, which features 101 wholesome and flavoursome noodle recipes for quick and healthy eating.

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