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Mr Lee’s Pure Foods expands into the instant congee market!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of Mr Lee’s Congee! Our savoury instant rice porridge features two flavours, Original Congee Rice Porridge and Chicken Congee Rice Porridge. They are available online on our online shop now and soon from Amazon and Harris Farm Market stores.

Our two different varieties of Congee are ready within only three minutes and are made with authentic Asian-style flavours, real natural ingredients and a unique grain blend. Low in sugar, low calories and made with absolutely no nasties, this brand new line of products provides the ideal healthy alternative.

“We are very excited to be expanding in the convenience rice porridge sector. This launch allows us to bring congee to the world in a healthy and convenient format” says Damien Lee, CEO and Founder of Mr Lee’s. “Our congee helps time-poor people eat better, perfect for those who lead hectic lifestyles.”

What is congee?

Congee, also known as conjee, konji, juk, 粥, jok or jook, is a traditional pan-Asian staple food recipe, enjoyed by millions across Asia from Taiwan and Japan to Korea and Malaysia. The dish is frequently associated with East Asian cuisine but the term originated in India from the Tamil word “kanji” which translates to “porridge made with rice”. 

The origins of this everyday Asian food date back to around 2697 B.C when the Yellow Emperor is said to have prepared this grain porridge for the first time. Congee has been considered to have medicinal properties and has been used as a health food for centuries. Not only does it nourish the body by improving digestive functions and increasing energy, it also enhances sleep quality and helps blood circulation. Due to it being low in calories it is also the perfect solution for weight management. 

The dish stands out for its versatility as it can be served in many different forms. It is usually prepared with rice although other grains and beans can also be used. The meal can be either savoury or sweet and countless combinations of ingredients can be added.  

Nowadays, many people struggle to prepare a proper meal due to lack of time. Mr Lee’s Congee is a quick, honest and tasty option for those looking for convenient and nutritious food. This rice-based savoury porridge can be eaten as a breakfast, snack or meal accompaniment.

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Chicken Congee Rice Porridge Jook 粥

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