Harris Farm Markets’ first instant noodle!

Harris Farm Markets’ first instant noodle!

Being able to trust something, is to believe it has integrity. If your driving down the road and happen across a bridge, you’re going to trust that it has the structural integrity to safely carry you across to the other side. If you’re voting for your next representative, you’re definitely going to hope that the individual has integrity, something about them that is honest and sticks to their morals.

When it comes to food brands, in the past there really hasn’t been a whole lot of integrity about the industry, with anybody cutting down the quality of their ingredients, the healthfulness of their product, just to ensure their profits go in the right direction – and it’s exactly for that reason that Harris Farm Markets have never seen an instant noodle sit upon one of their shelves….until now!

We quite like to break conventions. We like to go where nobody has gone before, do things no one has been able to do before, and that’s exactly why we at Mr Lee’s Pure Foods couldn’t be any happier to announce we’ve launched our award-winning gourmet instant noodles into Harris Farm Markets as the supermarket’s first and only instant noodle brand on-shelf.

We’ve always been on a mission to disrupt the food industry, by providing a healthier alternative to junk convenience products, and that has started by transforming the instant noodle market. It’s all about our ‘absolutely no nasties’ philosophy, making things the right way, and that’s why our noodles differ to most in our unique use of premium, freeze-dried ingredients, and carefully balanced seasoning to render our food lower in calories, salt, sugars and saturated fats, without compromise on taste.

“We are very proud to be associated with Harris Farm Markets. A family business with a strong reputation in NSW for quality, service and reliability. We will be the only instant noodle choice for consumers when shopping at Harris Farm as we offer the healthiest choice in the market for an instant noodle. Customers of Harris Farm are discerning when it comes to quality and we can deliver to their expectations with our wonderful noodle range.” – said Greg Longhurst, Director of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods AU.

As the only instant noodle certified gluten free with Coeliac Australia, we really couldn’t be any more excited with the response Mr Lee’s has had from customers around the country, and that’s why we say…

No Worries, Eat Happy!

Mr Lee’s Noodles are available in Harris Farm Markets, Woolworths, Metro and EzyMart.

For more information about the products, go to www.mrleesnoodles.com/au/shop

Mr Lees Team