Welcome to Beyond Noodles, the Mr Lee’s blog where we will be discussing all things food from its science and health benefits to the most current trends and the different uses of everyday ingredients. You’ll also get to know what the Mr Lee’s Team gets up to in more depth and from time to time we will throw in some fun facts and tips from time to time.

Whether you landed are here because you are a foodie, a noodle enthusiast or you just love cooking, this blog is the place for you. We aim to inspire and increase your knowledge around food by providing you with valuable information that can be applied to your day-to-day.

Blue post-it note with "Start building good habits" written on it

5 Steps To Build Better Habits

There is no solid formula to success, but there is one for failure: bad habits. Working for a small business like Mr Lee’s involves a lot of hard work and non-stop days. Here are some simple recommendations that will help you develop better habits.
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Mr Lee's Team with their dogs

Take Your Dog to Work Day: Meet the Mr Lee’s four-legged friends

Working at a growing business like Mr Lee’s involves busy days and hard work but we recognise that life isn’t just about work. No matter how much we love noodles, achieving a work-life balance is essential at Mr Lee’s. Remaining healthy isn’t only about how you fuel your body, it’s also about staying active and mindful of our mental health, especially after the past year! That’s why we would like you to meet some of our furry and four-legged members: the Mr Lee’s pets.

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Celebrating all mothers banner on background of flowers

Mother’s Day: Celebrating all mothers

Whilst appreciation for mums should be present every day of the year, Mother’s Day is an occasion to acknowledge their value in your life and show them that you care. This year we thought we would celebrate all mothers out there by asking the members of the Mr Lee’s Team to write a few words about their mums.

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Fresh vegetables in grocery bag

11 easy ways to reduce food waste at home

Our team in the UK recently donated meals to a range of hospitals and food charities across the country and offered boxes of noodles at clearance prices on our website in order to address a surplus of stock caused by the coronavirus pandemic putting a halt to the travel sector activity. Our conversation with them got us thinking about the amount of food that goes to waste every year around the world. Paying more attention to our food consumption habits is extremely important and that’s why we at Mr Lee’s would like to offer some practical tips which can help us all change our habits around food.

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We are proud to support Coeliac Awareness Week

Coeliac Awareness Week 2021: What it’s like to live with coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity - Part 1

Awareness around coeliac disease has increased in the last few decades and nowadays there’s a better understanding of the disease and more gluten-free products are being introduced into the market than ever before, however, there’s still a long path ahead. This week to celebrate Coeliac Awareness Week (13th – 22nd March) we’ve chatted to 4 influencers who suffer from coeliac disease or gluten intolerance about what it’s like to live with this health issue.

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